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This will be the last post on this platform. I am satisfied with the new platform. You can find it at http://blog.livingrant.ch This stuff will continue to be accessible from my qaz.ca web site

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August 27; voting reform politics on a hot August day

August 7; Presentation on Cognitive Framing

July 17; Thoughts on the Fort MacMurray Fire and a Basic Income

June 18: Winnipeg Congress sessions Part two

June 15; Paper for "Commitment to Community" on strategies for ensuring funding for poverty reduction initiatives.

June 3 Winnipeg congress sessions Part one

May 29 Notes on a recent meeting of Basic Income activists in Toronto

May 22, About the BICN congress in Winnipeg; setting the scene

May 4, On the TCHC reorganization

Apr 24; The problems of establishing a Guaranteed Livable Income organization in Toronto.

Mar 25; internet freedom and access to justice

Mar 6; Golden Screw award for 2015 goes to Goodwill Toronto

Feb 27; politicking at the anti privatization forum and the Tenant Affairs Committee, and the topics that arose

Feb 20; on deciding voting reform in Canada by a referendum

Jan 26; Why my Lehrer page is back; why it is so utterly impossible to get justice done in Ontario.

Jan 14: Toronto, you have a budget problem, because you have a revenue problem, because you have a governance probem, because you have a confidence problem.

Dec 31: Happy World War Three; A cheery Topic for New Year's...

Dec 18: Listen, "climate change" hysteric!

Oct 26; Me and Elections Canada

OCT 19: Stuff from the BI election forum

Sept 26: A Perspective on 291 George street

Sept 16; Final Argument Against Magic Resources Schemes to fund Basic Income Guarantees

August 28; Musings about the Internet as a medium, and the quality of the messages.

August 11; Transit Twitterings

August 8; Essay on Hiroshima day

August 5; Introduction to LivinGrant web site

July 30; Don't get a "Poverty Reduction Strategy"; just fucking end poverty!

July 27; Submissions to the the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing:the Municipal Elections Act

July 25; My "Panamania" Special, with comments on women's soccer

July 5; Happy Waterloo day, everyone!

June 28; a rainy day in June, with Canada out of the women's FIFA cup, and a B+ in...

June 23: My Small Claim on Justice

May 21: Mayor Tory wants to consult TCHC residents

May 13: About the Election in Alberta, elections globally, and implications for the socially vulnerable

April 5: Getting Legal: adventures in Pro Se litigation

March 22; On Basic Income and Aboriginal Claims, and other tough questions.

March 15; Golden Screw Award for 2014 goes to; Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Feb 18; On the Novorossiyan Independence War and Know-Nothings on TVOntario

Feb 8; Something about OCAP crossed my desk. I put it on Causepimps and commented on it. Why be used by extremists?

Feb 1; what I will tell the budget committee tomorrow about FMTA

Jan 17. The Donbass War and it's Context

Jan 13. A Tale of Two Cities

Jan 12, A Musical Note Looking Back from North of Sixty

Jan 11; Further Reflections from North of Sixty

Jan 10, At the city consult on Ward Boundary Changes

Jan 9, Reflections on turning Sixty

Jan 6; A Comment on "Lady's Day at the Bullring"

Jan 4, 2015. Commentary upon the best article I have read yet about the Donbass situation

Dec 9, The Donbass Revolution part one

Nov 24; Marking National Housing Day; reflections on problems and solutions for social housing.

Nov 23; About a chance meeting with the head of a big funding organization, discussion of good and bad ways of acheiving local governmental reform.

Nov 22; To FVC people, about Toronto election, local politics, etc.

Nov 13, Tory age is here, Pamster age is still here, I am still here.

Oct 23 The specifics of my grudge with MacConnell

Oct 19 About door dropping, city voting reform, and councillor Pamster the Hamster.

Oct 12, Access to Injustice; the law clinic cretins

Oct 6, Some communications with FVC people on aspects of democracy beyond voting system reform

OCT 4 Convergences of Basic Income and Proportional Representation.

Sept 30, refuting a libertarian nut, back into his shell

Sept 20; A report back of a report back

Sept 2, Via Fail.

Aug 15, 2014, BIEN congress (part five), conclusions

July 31, BIEN congress (part four) the general assembly

July 29, 2014. BIEN congress (part three)

July 27, 2014. BIEN congress(part two)

July 23, 2014 . Comment on OCAP's New Member's Meeting

July 20, 2014. BIEN congress 2014 (part one)

June 18, 2014. War Watching From Outside the Media Bubble

June 7, 2014; about organically labelled food

April 21 2014; The fight to make the truth heard; me at the Maytree hosted RaBIT event and other notes

April 13, 2014; I got an "A" on a paper. Fitting end to university endeavors, worth putting in my blog

April 7, 2014. About Canadian Electoral Alliance, false flag groups, and my web site troubles.

March 24, 2014. About Internet Trolls

March 21, 2014. Frustrations of Voting Reform "activism"

February 21, 2014 The inspiring story of my struggles with cause pimps, thugs, copyright trolling, incompetent web servers, and other topics.

The stuff from the Social Engine blog during January and February is now here

DEC 29; about FMTA Cause Pimps, lately

DEC 27; post Christmas special

DEC 13; update on ACORN in Toronto

DEC 1; PR and Environment at the Ralph Thorton Center

NOV 30 The byelection has gone by

NOV 27- Wow! I am "condemned" by the OCAP inquisition!

NOV 10- Some things to  say to  the FVC people about PR and gerrymandering,  the Green party and Toronto centre, and Rob Ford and local government.

NOV 8- About soreheads sniping at me, and about voting reform being left to politicians

NOV 4. Comments on "The Bull and the Ban" and on the appeal of Women as Bullfighters

OCT 29, Fair Vote Canada Ginger list business

OCT 26- Elizabeth May, citizen's assemblies, and royal commissions.

OCT 15- About TCHC tenant consultation wrap up.

OCT 13 more to write about, mostly on Voting Reform Movement.

OCT 4 Time to speak of many things...

OCT 2, My FVC Outbox

Sept 23, OCAP and the Old Neighborhood

Sept 12; Remember, remember, eleven September; and about poisonous gases.

Sept 6, worth a read; my last essay on "Democratic Deficit"

Sept 3, a world view

Aug 22 comments on "Who Should Govern" for FVC's benefit

Aug 9 About Meslin, academia, and the "democratic deficit"

Aug 6. Shall I Bruch this? Latest FVC controversies

August 3rd. Correspondances to the Almost Witty about Toronto Housing and OCAP, and the slander machine, and other aspects of the super left political machine in Toronto.

July 27, Essay on Hostile Takeovers of non profits, for FVC's Profit

July 21, more stuff from Fair Vote Ginger list

July 13, some interesting stuff from FVC list; gay pride day, approval voting, etc

July 11, A Tale of Two Soggy Cities

July 7, about Toronto Fair Vote Chapter

June 24, "...upon a midnight dreary..."

June 11, Ending Oddly

June 8, Even odder Ends

June 7, Odds and Ends

May 5; my mighty essay for "International Relations"

May 3; A to a Q

April 29, account of second TCHC meeting and my background about TCHC and tenant associations

April 27, some internet stuff about conflict within voting reform movement

April 26, Random notes

April 25, My campaign for FVC board stuff.

April 14, on The Toronto Housing Consultation with Tenant Leaders

April 12; the brand new Fair Vote Ginger e-mail list about the war between the foxes and bunnies at the 519 community center.

April; 6th, voting systems and social inequality.

March 24, more on the Great Debate and the progressive proportion

Mar 17; the great debate; voting reform, alliances, strategic voting.

Mar 13, on Voting Reform in Toronto

Mar 10, Stuart's latest trauma

Mar 3, about electoral alliances, Joyce Murray and FVC

MAR 2, Watching a movie for political science; "No Man's Land"

Feb 27, The Sexual defamation weapon and the Laxer article in Rabble.

Feb 19, June had a Racoon in Her Backyard. More about the FVC trouble.

Feb 18, Statement about Policy and Strategy for Basic Income Canada Network

Feb 16, 2013 Here is one more essay; "Unobservable theories; hypothesis or fact?" I think it is pretty clever

Feb 14; Troll buster philosophizing

Jan 30, more B.S. about Fair Vote

Jan 27, 2013; A Fable to Lay on the Table

Jan 24; The Magician and the Artisan

Jan 22, 2013; about enablers

Jan 21, 2013. I guess I should put up my International Relations essay.

Jan 20, 2013; Troll busting stuff

Jan 14, 2013: why I started a new e-mail group

Jan 8 , 2013 RaBIT wins golden screw for 2012

Jan 2 , 2013 New Year's Revolutions

Dec 18, 2012 Further to the EAPN annual meeting; a presentation and my comment on it.

Dec 9, 2012 Looking through my old essays; my Theory of Knowledge

Dec 1, 2012 Look what I just read about NDP and Fair Voting

Nov 25, 2012. PR and Totalitarianism

Nov 17, 2012. About an old lost freind, TCHC, rotten police and courts

Nov 7, 2012. Anybody feel like going through world war three?

Nov 4, 2012. I am back

Aug 26, 2012. Followup, about Liberals and protecting democracy

Aug 24, 2012. The End of Summer

Aug 21, 2012. About Proportional representation and races against time.

July 23, 2012 Proportional Voting, popular assemblies, George Orwell, Spain, and Salutin.

July 17, 2012. Why spend time on Cause Pimps site instead of Basic Income site?

July 14, 2012. Basic Income News wants me to write

July 5, 2012. About municipal politics, political parties, voting reform, and participatory democracy

June 19, 2012. Reflections on the Basic Income Canada Network's (BICN) 2012 conference in Toronto.

June 8, 2012. reconstructing the disconstruction of reality

May 22, 2012; Fair Vote, neo-feudalism, and political correctness

May 12, 2012 Discussion list post about the relation between PR and progressive policies.

May 11, 2012 La Guerra Continua; shortened version of my latest struggles with FMTA

( May 3-5 2012) installment 8. Do not Forget Evelyn, or Basic Income Canada Network

( May 3-5 2012) installment 7. Wilkinson, Hennessey, Wright

( May 3-5 2012) installment 6. Rook, charity models, Raphael, and food banks

( May 3-5 2012) Basic Income conference, installment five; Widerquist and Yalnizian

( May 3-5 2012) Basic Income conference, installment four; Eggleton, Meades, etc.

( May 3-5 2012) Basic Income conference, installment three; Charles Karelis

( May 3-5 2012) Basic Income conference, installment two; Sean Healey and Brigid Reynolds

( May 3-5 2012) Basic Income conference, installment one; Trish Hennesey and Chandra Pasma

May 2, 2012. Followup, about Fair Vote Toronto AGM

April 19, 2012. Fair Vote Toronto and Toronto politics

April 2, 2012 Voter education and Fair Voting, participatory democracy and Authoritarians

March 29, 2012. A rewrite of an old web page about tenant pimps looking to profit from tenants, with new stuff about copyright bullies trying to profit from me exposing the former.

March15, 2012. Going for the Right Thing ( a note to Fair Vote Canada people)

January 31, 2012: The Golden Screw

January 30, 2012. Mike Check: prospects for occupy Toronto

"Go home, paleface". January 21, 2012

A sad story of cause pimp fighters at Ryerson radio. January 7, 2012

Dec 18, 2011 against FMTA

Dec 6, 2011. More with Fair Vote about "making progress"

Nov 28, 2011. Follow up with Fair Vote about "New Ideas"

Nov 11, 2011. A message to the Fair Vote folks, about "new ideas"

October 30th, 2011. Politeness as Pathology

October 15th, 2011. About working on the election, jury duty, and other adventures in civic democracy.

October 10th, 2011 ; about voting reform, occupying wall street, birth of a country, etc

Sept 14, 2011. A reply to "Right Sizing Democratic Control" from "Opening the Windows".

August 26 2011 tail end of summer

August 12 2011 about the latest Toronto police accountability event.pdf

Here is what I told mayor Ford at the "famous 300"

July 21, 2011 A reply to someone with the right answer to the wrong problem.pdf

July 4, 2011 somebody asked me about Karen Harrison.pdf

June 15, 2011 fragment from net debates about PR.pdf

june 14, 2011 test post- about lady bullfighters from a few months back