Listen, "climate change" hysteric!

December, 2015

I am not a climate change denier. There is nothing to deny. I am someone with sense, intelligence, and experience not to be taken in by mass hysteria campaigns.

I am old enough to remember when the earth was cooling down and a new ice age was imminent if we all did not stop burning fossil fuels. I also remember how the ozone layer was being depleted and we would all die of sunburn if we did not stop using aerosol sprays. I do not hear about all that anymore.

I also remember when it was taught in grade school science that the earth's temperature depended mainly on solar energy. The earth's climate was always changing due to these "sunspot phases" that went in fairly predictable cycles.

It is impossible for anything happening on earth to have a long term effect on overall surface temperature on the planet due to the hydrologic cycle. If something partly blocked the sun's energy, like a volcanic eruption, water evaporation over the oceans would slow down, cloud cover would be reduced, more sunlight would hit the earth, and the temperature would rise again. As well, if something prevents heat from radiating into space, evaporation and cloud cover will increase and less solar energy will hit earth's surface.

However, human activity can have a serious effect on local climate and has throughout history. Many areas have been desertified by human over-use. Urban areas create "heat island effects" around themselves. But the overall global climate is always balanced out by the water cycle and exchange of heat between hot and cold areas, as it has from the dawn of time.

To repeat, the only thing that causes aggregate global warming or cooling is the sun. Further, a warmer earth is generally good for life on earth, including for humans. So let the sun shine on.


I am not being paid by the "fossil fuel industry" to write this. I am not mislead by any industrial lobby. I read that some sections of the oil business employ the same PR firm as the Tobacco industry, presumably to campaign against the "climate change" hoax/scam/deception. They should find a better PR firm.

I do not know who is employed to engineer the climate deception, but they are earning their money. I say deception because that is largely what it is, more than just a hoax and scam. We really should be trying to leave as much of the oil, gas, and coal in the ground as possible. However, focus on that is intended, among other things, to misdirect attention away from far more serious threats to our environment.

We never should have been basing our economy so much on oil and gas. That is the petroleum industry's doing. There always were alternatives to oil. Good old John D. Rockefeller and his merry band eliminated them and made us use cars instead of public transit, trucks instead of trains, and even planes instead of high speed trains.

There are real public health effects to the burning of fossil fuels, especially when the public interest is not powerful enough to demand abatements like stack scrubbers and catalytic converters. The local environmental effects of resource extraction can be catastrophic and permanently ruin land resources for other uses. But these fossil fuel resources are much more valuable as the basis for chemical industries, and we do need chemicals. They should be conserved for that purpose, for future generations, rather than just pulled from the ground and burned.

The world's supply of petroleum is now declining, or "peaked out". Unless some new extraction methods prove economical, or perhaps the theory of abiotic petroleum origin is proved true, the world should be out of petroleum usable for fuel in thirty to fifty years. Its use is declining now.

This may be why the petroleum industry as a whole does not really make much noise against the climate deception. Parts of the industry go along with it. Big Oil does not seem to be as powerful as it once was, compared to other global industries.

motives; misdirection

So what is behind the manufactured hysteria about global warming? An obvious aim is to sink the fossil fuel industries and switch to other energy sources, but that is gradually happening anyway, without any interventions.

The climate deception seems to come mainly from the financial industries, especially those involved in pure speculation, with some assistance from the military industrial complex. Although it is hard to really decipher the aims of globalist organizations, there seem to be four main objectives to the false reality being created as climate crisis.

The first is to distract attention away from the real environmental dangers facing us, and even to help promote their growth or survival. Chief among these is nuclear power. Yes, an alternative to fossil fuels from the people who gave us Fukushima. It seems that the global warming thesis originated with the nuclear industry in the seventies, and was enthusiastically promoted by Maggie Thatcher.

Other real environmental contaminants which are real threats, as opposed to "carbon" are; chemical, biological, and genetic. Harmful chemicals are in our air, water, and food, and all around us in the plastics and other materials we use. Superbugs are created by misuse of antibiotics by the meat industry. Who knows what the long term consequences will be, of the genetic contamination of life by outfits like Monsanto and Syngenta.

A nuclear meltdown that gets totally out of control could render much of the earth's surface uninhabitable, all sea foods unsafe to eat. The extinction of bees due to insecticide use could eliminate three quarters of the world's food crops. Genetic contamination could make many of these food crops inedible or sterile. I won't even go into the consequences of a nuclear war, a serious possibility given the obsession of the "Atlanticist" financial elite with global hegemony.

All these are real threats to the survival of life as we know it on the planet. Yet people are made hysterical about a completely manufactured threat. "Carbon" is one of the most benign chemicals in nature, essential to all life; something you breathe out every minute of your life, something essential to all plant growth.

motives; fraud

The second apparent aim of the global climate cabal is simple fraud. The global finance industry is expert at rigging markets. No one can exchange currencies or commodities without them getting their cut. Stock markets are about charging institutions for parking their funds, when they are not about swindling the gullible.

Their next stage has been to create new markets which they can rig from the start. Lobbying governments to introduce "carbon taxes" forces industries to buy "carbon credits" to reduce these taxes. This scam has been around for awhile in Europe, but has shown to be ineffective in actually reducing fossils consumption, compared to honest planning and regulation. Thus it has gone out of favor there.

Despite this there is still a big push to create a "cap and trade" scheme in North America. As in Europe, all it will do is enable environmental irresponsibility in both wealthy and poor countries. For example, a factory in Canada can get away with excessive air pollution by buying carbon credits. Someone in a tropical country then uses the credits as a subsidy for slashing and burning natural forests and putting in a tree plantation. The theory is that the trees will then absorb the "carbon" put out by the smoke stack a hemisphere away. Of course, the trees only displace wild forest, and often the people who lived off them. But you know who made the money from brokering this exchange.

motives; weather war

The third motive for this climate deception seems to be to conceal climate warfare. There is nothing far fetched about this; weather modification was used as a weapon back in world war two. This is a fascinating subject, attracting everything from the looniest fantasizers to scholarly studies by geostrategists to investigations by independent journalists. The American military definitely has a weather war program, and the Russians and probably the Chinese have ones of their own. Worse, there seem to be ways to trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Deliberate weather modification is a much more probable explanation for strange weather in many parts of the world than is a "global warming". Ruining crops in some areas of the world could be very profitable for people with lots of money and advanced knowledge. Prolonged droughts are a good way of destabilizing poorer countries. There are some reports that see patterns of weather destabilization over areas that the Atlanticist elite may have an interest in. There are descriptions of abnormal weather patterns, where monsoons begin to form in the usual way, then some unseen force seems to "push it away".

motives; control

But the fourth and probably strongest motive for the climate change deception is as an instrument of world wide economic control. The people behind this want to retain control over the world markets for fossil fuels. They also want to prevent underdeveloped countries from developing. A good way of doing that is to tell these countries that they cannot use their own resources to develop, although they can ship the resources to the already developed countries.

This is what the "less developed countries" (LDCs) mean when they talk about "climate justice". However, there is no chance that the developed countries of the world will reduce their living standards, or more importantly their profits, in order to reduce "carbon". This is the primary reason why there will be no international treaty that would legitimize control of the world's energy by the Atlanticist financial empire; not that this will prevent efforts to assert it de facto.

deeper motives

The climate change nonsense can be seen as a strategy for exploitation and control, but there may be an even more sinister motive behind it. The environmental movement has been around for awhile. Some of it is good people with good motives; we do need to clean up our environment and stop degrading our resource base.

But there are also the "ecofascists" or "neoMalthusians" who are clearly motivated by a hatred and contempt for humanity. These people clearly have a lot of money. There are semi-secret connections between them and elements of the ruling elites. These include people who want to see the earth's population numbers controlled or reduced.

These kinds of people have openly bragged about their programs which they claim have prevented hundreds of millions of births. There is plenty of evidence that such people have studied the deliberate propagation of epidemics and pandemics, as well as covert ways of reducing the fertility of selected populations. Of course, imperialism has used armed force for over a century to control, displace, or outright slaughter "low value populations".

It would not be beyond such people to use the "climate" trope to justify global tyranny, restriction of access to resources to privileged groups, mass sterilizations, mass murder, "eugenics", and so on. If they are able to convince most of the population of educated countries like Canada of something so patently false as global warming, intimidating to silence all dissent, one wonders just how much they could get away with.

conflicts among the powerful

However, they should not be built up as more than they are. Despite their skill at creating parallel realities, they are losing. There are other powerful interests which see no benefit in the political and economic control aims of the climate cabal, or as a threat to their profits and power. Generally, rather than try to refute this kind of mass deception campaign, they pay lip service to it while nullifying the parts of it which are destructive to their interests.

There will still be efforts to promote cap and trade schemes for awhile. We will have attempts at various "carbon tax" schemes, always regressive, meaning that the poorer pay a much higher part of their income than the wealthier. The "climate warriors" will continue to deflect attention away from several very real threats to a planet earth capable of sustaining civilization. First of these is the risk of nuclear war. Then there are the more exotic dangers, like the extinction of pollinating insects, and with them three quarters of our food crops.

This brings us to another aspect of climate fanaticism. Controlling all opposition from within has been an objective of the Atlanticist elite ever since outright suppression became too problematic. Global warming seems like a beautiful issue for opponents of capitalism. It is true that capitalism must go if the planet is to be able to sustain its present population. Yet warming is really a perfect issue for capitalists to use to co-opt opposition and steer it so that it does no damage to their interests.

This is why challenge to the warming deception has come more from the right wing than the left. However, many on the left are starting to catch on. A tipping point will occur, not of runaway warming but of public realization. Some ones will finally be able to shout that the climate trope has no clothes, and they will be impossible to silence.

the reality chill

People will wake up and notice that the climate has indeed been growing cooler. Since the end of the last solar up-cycle in 1998, the earth's surface has cooled 1.08 degrees. (1) It is pretty certain that 20 years from now no one will want to admit they were involved in the "climate" movement.

If the future is truly bright, the people responsible for the whole noxious mess will be stripped of the power to ever do anything like it again. More likely they will have moved on to the next mega hustle; maybe convincing people that the next ice age is imminent. The polar bears are coming to get us.

Until then, the climate hustlers, fanatics, and hysterics will get ever more shrill. There is not much point talking to people who will call anyone attempting to debate them a "denier" and shout them down. They will not follow rules of a civil discussion, so they should just be told to shut up.

Thus it is not the purpose of this essay to argue against the global warming theory. It should be intuitive that something is wrong with whatever has to be promoted more by silencing and intimidating sceptics than by convincing them. People with minimal critical thinking skills should be able to go to the internet and find out the other side of the argument and come to the right conclusion. But the "warmists", to reemphasize, rely mostly on intimidation; fear of humiliation and ostracism.

Yet the most telling point against the climate inquisition is the huge amount of funding they are getting. Such resources can only come from very wealthy funders. There can be nothing in it for such people except the desire to control opposition from within, to deflect environmental activism into blind alleys. And of course, to make money from trading "carbon" credits.

global information warfare

The climate inquisition is very persistent. When some new scandal over their cooking of data emerges, they ignore it. When one of their anecdotal proofs of warming blows up on them, they cover it up or just brush it off. When someone shows evidence that warming is not happening, they try to destroy it. Any qualified body which refutes them, they try to shut down. If they can't do any of the above, they still ignore or shout down opposition and keep right on going.

When in 2010, e-mails emerged showing a network of university researchers discussing how to cook their "hockey stick" data to show warming, the climate inquisition merely found other cooked data to use and forgot about that group. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the "hockey players".

When a real scientist used a palm tree on a desert island to show that the sea level is not rising, they sent someone to the island to uproot the tree.

They never stop comparing winter and summer satellite photos of the polar ice sheets to "prove" that the ice sheets are shrinking. With all this shrinking the arctic ice cap should have disappeared twice over by now but is still there.

Also in 2010, over 1000 real scientists signed a petition denouncing the conclusions of these government appointed bodies, which are known for telling governments whatever governments tell them they want to hear, that warming is happening. The forces of warmness conducted a survey of about 100 scientists they had handpicked, and then announced that 97% of "climate scientists" agreed with warming.

The media blacked out the former petition but reported the latter survey as if it were a scientifically conducted poll. The so called independent media were even worse than the main stream media in this, which says something about the real independence of the independent media.

Of this 1000 real scientists, it is said that;

While the scientists contained in this report hold a diverse range of views, they generally rally around several key points. 1) The Earth is currently well within natural climate variability. 2) Almost all climate fear is generated by unproven computer model predictions. 3) An abundance of peer-reviewed studies continue to debunk rising CO2 fears and, 4) "Consensus" has been manufactured for political, not scientific purposes. (2)

intensified information warfare

Alas, every time the "warmists" seem to be defeated, they double down. Public opinion is starting to turn away from them, but it does not seem to matter so much now. The concept has been fully adopted by the Atlanticist establishment, and with the "BRICS" countries generally going along. It has become part of the "technology" of social management and control.

Part of the power of the climate cabal is that use of fossil fuels really does need to decline and the natural shift away from it in developed countries needs to be facilitated. Yet at the recent Paris climate talks, the more extreme "warmies" got very warmed up over the agreement. It backed off on parts of the "climate consensus" which are silly, like pretending to legislate the earth's surface temperature in 2050.

It seems that what really angered parts of the climate movement was that the "developed" nations backed off on attempts to shove a system of allocating consumption of fossil fuels down the throat of the LDCs, the "Less Developed Countries". These countries are now offered more positive incentives to give up on trying to industrialize. This is good for the elites of these countries, but an injustice to the impoverished.

The fanaticism created by climate propaganda is such that one understands why the French banned public demonstrations during the conference. Nonetheless, the climate inquisition did all it could to suppress something they really hated, the premier of a new documentary film; "Climate Hustle". The opposition to the hustle has not had the vast resources of the climate cabal, but they have also been very persistent and increasingly effective.

The desperation of the climate fanatics is such that they are now demanding that "climate deniers" be locked up. The rationale is that we are participating an a criminal organization; a true example of narcissistic transposition.

left and right

The fight will go on for awhile but unless the globalists behind the climate hysteria succeed in their ultimate aim of a global tyranny, this false trope will not so much fail as become worn out and be replaced by a new riff. In my lifetime, we have seen the "new ice age", the "population bomb, and the "ozone hole". Who knows what we will have next, though a food crisis seems like a good candidate. Or, financial capitalism could finally collapse world wide and we can move on to a better economic system.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the refutations of the warming scare that are available on the net and especially on youtube. (3) I wish there were more material from a "left wing" perspective and less from an American Republican mentality. I hope this little piece fills in just a little of that need. At least some people with a left view are starting to catch on to the climate change deception.

At its core, "climate denial" is a left of center issue. It is capitalism that is driving both environmental degradation and the climate hoax; controlling its opposition from within. It is disconcerting that even real socialists can be manipulated in this way. Carbon taxes will be paid by ordinary people. Carbon trading will make capitalists richer. Restrictions on fossil fuels will harm peasants and slum dwellers in LDCs, and impede these countries industrialization.

democracy and misinformation

At their core, the environmental issues are of control of information. It is in examining the "climate change" deception that you really understand the power of information control as a means of social/political/economic control. You realize that a so called independent media or an open internet is not an answer for this. Less capitalism and more democracy is.

For a democracy to work, people must have access to correct information. To plan anything, people need correct information. Therefore, you cannot tolerate people deliberately spreading false information to promote their own antisocial objectives. This kind of behavior needs finally to be criminalized.

That will not happen soon. Capitalism will be around for awhile yet. A real democracy with systems of getting, verifying, and analyzing and using, correct information to benefit the general well being, will come slowly. Huge resources which could be used to improve the quality of life will instead be wasted solving non existent problems. Real and serious problems will not be recognized until they have caused great damage.


Many of the climate crusaders are proponents of nuclear power as a way to have centralized power distribution without "greenhouse gases"; and as if Fukushima and Chernobyl never happened.

Droughts are often blamed on "warming" instead of overuse of water resources. Floods tend to get blamed on the same bogey-man instead of on bad land management leading to soil erosion. Decline of ocean life gets blamed on warming oceans, which should in fact increase photosynthesis and ocean biomass, instead of on chemical and radioactive pollution, and overfishing.

The energy spent fighting a phony threat to our existence and well-being could be spent instead on dealing with the very real threats mentioned at the start of this piece. That is, the chemical, biologic, radioactive, and genetic contamination of our environment, especially of our food.

And finally, global justice could be much better served if the LDCs were given unhindered access to the remaining fossil fuels on the planet. The already well developed, in fact often overdeveloped economies, could use their advantage in order to shift from a through-put economy to a cyclical one. That is, one that has ideally no net effect on the natural environment that supports it; no resource depletion, no waste.

getting to real

The future of life on the planet will be better secured by standing up to the climate cabal. They use the narcissistic transposition method, of accusing their opponents of what they themselves are guilty of. They will refuse to answer people who "ignore facts and science" and try to shout down and intimidate them. So, shut them up. Then, explain real facts and real science to those who will listen.

You have got to the end of this so you are not a total fanatic. Inform yourself as needed. The net is there, with plenty on both sides of the climate issue. All you need are some critical thinking skills. Remember that the "carbon crusaders" will not argue because they really do not have an argument.

We can build a better economic system that preserves and builds up our natural environment instead of ruining it. What is needed for the right things to be done is for sensible people to have access to the real truth and to legitimate science, and to not be attacked for speaking up about it.

Stay cool, and speak truth and sense to the cowed, confused and misinformed.

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  I encourage the wide distribution of this work, so long as source is attributed and content not altered. T. Rourke. Toronto, Canada December 2015.