My Small Claim on Justice

It is time to do some blogging. I have been really busy with various matters lately. Especially, I have had somebody suing me for the cause pimps site. , an information service I maintain about people using the cover of "activist" to engage in antisocial behavior and opportunistic. The case has been lots of fun. I will explain it all in some detail below.

This is a reworking of a letter I wrote to a couple of people who are interested in the progress of this case. In turn, that was a reworking of the complaint made to the Attorney General's office. So it should be a fairly polished piece by now.

Actually, things are going not too bad on the court case. On June 12 the judge decided for Lehrer and awarded him $25 000 in damages. The web server has no choice but to take down the whole cause pimps site. Handy Andy Lehrer, the plaintiff, probably thinks that is the end of it. He is in for a surprise.

judging the judges

I have always been aware that what I was really going to be fighting here was not Lehrer. He is an idiot. I would be up against this clique at small claims court who have blackballed every case I have tried to bring there, from about ten years back.

My health is now a lot better than it was when I started. I have now learned a lot about law. In fact I am taking paralegal courses at George Brown college. I have finally got these blackballers to cross the line. After all these years of crap, it is now "game on".

The Attorney General's office has now been forced to open an investigation about it. They say they will get back to me at the end of the month. The really great thing is that the Ombudsman's office has decided it has some jurisdiction in this and is watching what the AG does.

I have developed an intense dislike of these slimy scum and their abuse. I have found two motives for them blackballing me. One is that judges generally do not like self represented litigants. This is a feature of courts almost everywhere. The other is that they have me on some sort of "special treatment" list.

This is why Lehrer thought he was clear to go after me. This is likely what he was talking about when he said he had a lawyer from a legal clinic who assured him he would win. This is a great use of taxpayers money; however, I have found that the legal clinics and the whole legal aid structure are aligned with the people I am mostly having problems with; like FMTA, the cops, TCHC, and the city.

These networks do not have full control; he could not get anywhere when he ran this thing past superior court. That is why he went to small claims, the most corrupted court. And I have won in small claims court too, against the cops. I even shook up Google enough to make them stop blocking my domain.

the story

With this case, the problems started when I needed to get permission to file the defendant's claim. The first judge decided she had to see a copy of the claim. I had not expected to file it yet. It can be filed ten days before the trial date with "leave", but I wanted to delay as long as possible because new information was coming in. No, she made me go and make up a draft claim and apply again.

The second time I walked into a flat out ambush with this weird judge Hunt. One thing I have learned about the fine old Canadian justice system is; you know the fix is in when the venue and the judge changes just before the hearing date. Especially when the judge has no other cases to hear all day.

This guy waited until I was in the back room, with just me and him and Lehrer listening in by conference call, and started getting heavy with me. I was especially unimpressed with his unfinished statement; "If you are going to continue self representing like this..."

I just got up and started walking out. He then ordered me to get out, to save face. I turned around and looked at him for a moment and then continued out. As I went out into the hallway I encountered two security beefs walking in. These lads were a bit confused; they had never heard of judge Hunt before. They were somewhat apologetic but nonetheless had to tell me to leave the building.

I did not find out until trial date number one that Hunt had made an endorsement, what normal people call an order, that I could not make any more motions on the case. So the defendants claim, which I had got the clerk to accept, could not be considered by the judge. This was not much different from being barred from filing a defense.

However, this judge seemed a lot more reasonable. He wanted some more mediation. Lehrer went ballistic about that. He wanted a trial. But we spend about two hours in mediation, I offered to conditionally take the web site down if he agreed to drop his case and stop being an asshole; go find something useful to do. That is how the "turn over a leaf" page came to be put up on the site in place of the files.

But Lehrer rejected that. He wanted the whole "Cause Pimps" site taken down, and if I tried to put it up somewhere else he was going to go after me in criminal court. The "mediators" were somewhat rattled by Handy Andy.

By that time it was too late to start with a trial. It was put off. Lehrer demanded the quickest date possible. I said I was in no hurry, I had this problem of being unable to file my defense. The judge seemed a bit sympathetic and suggested I talk to the people in the legal advice office.

It took awhile to get an appointment with the legal advice office. I had to go down there three times. I had to get a copy of this judge Hunt's order. One time I waited and the clerks could not see me before closing time. They don't give rain checks.

they just work there

The staff there are becoming short handed again. One of them complained to me that seven people had left in he past eight months, including one the management knew was going to leave, but they have not replaced them. It seems the excuse is they need time to hire and train new people.

I think a reason they have so much trouble keeping good staff there is that it is not a great place to work. The heat is always bad for some reason in the waiting room and in their working areas. But the air conditioners seem to work in the court rooms. It is probably cool in the offices of judges and other muckamucks, too.

The place is always short staffed, many of these clerks 'clients' range from being annoyed at the waiting time to being stressed to the breaking point, or beyond. I have seen some scenes back there in the counters. Many people started screaming at them. I try to be nice to them unless they are assholes and then I just tell them to get another clerk, which usually brings on some drama queen nonsense but also a better clerk.

I was there when this obviously unprosperous woman started shouting and then completely melted down. She was not suing them, they were coming after her and it never ends and she can't get the goddamned clerks to explain things to her and.... She started bawling her head off and collapsed on the floor. The security people ended up half carrying her to a chair, bringing her water and fresh kleenexes, etc.


However, I finally got through to the legal advice office. I found that the 'pro bonehead' lawyer on duty that day worked for a bank and knew nothing about this kind of law. The staff running the office looked embarrassed. Eventually they decided that all I could do was make a motion, to get permission to make a motion, to get permission to file the documents which were necessary, for the case in which I was the defendant to proceed.

I also had to file an application for a stay in the June 12 court date, while all this played out. I had to write a letter to the trial scheduling office. I also had to send a letter to Lehrer, asking him to fill out a form okaying the delay. Fat chance he was going to do that.

Meanwhile, I got a motion court date of June 11. I went up there and found that presiding in motion court that day was my old friend judge Kilian. He saw me in the crowd and immediately took a five minute break.

Soon after he came back, this goon in a different uniform than the other security people, with a stab vest and sap gloves on, and no nameplate, came in. Usually there are no security types at all in these courts. I went over and asked him what he was doing there. I got mumbles about how he was going around to different courts.

There was also something wrong between the clerk's ears. I could not get through to her that this judge could not sit on this case. She finally said I should go to 'the counter', the central reception area, at lunch break and ask them to introduce me to the trial scheduling office.

The clerk at 'the counter' could not understand what the motion hearing clerk was talking about. What she was supposed to do was relay my message to the judge that I wanted him to recuse himself. This clerk happened by and was asked what she was going to do to resolve the problem. She went into the scheduling office and came back out with a mumble about there being no record of any 'conflict', as well as some semantical gibberish about the difference between a 'conflict' and other things.

This creepy thug was in the court again for the afternoon session. I again asked him why he was there and this time he was more aggressive. He dared actually look me in the eye. He gibbered about somebody making a complaint. About what? No coherent answer.

I had one more go at telling the clerk I needed Kilian to recuse himself. This goon started hovering over me. I had some trouble getting him to back off. Then Kilian started up his court again, and moved my item to the head of the list.

I went up to the plaintiffs chair, while the clerk arranged a conference call with Lehrer. I started telling Kilian, just like the last time, that I wanted him to recuse himself. This time he had his goon literally hanging over me. I told Kilian to get rid of him.

No one resembling Kilian in any way, shape, or form should ever sit as a judge. The worst thing is he has this eye that keeps moving over to the side of his head when he gets excited. He speaks so badly that it was hard to understand what he was saying. He said "If you walk out of this court again..." and the rest was unintelligible.

I got up and walked out of his court. Again.

under threat

I went up to 'the counter' again and asked to see the manager of the court immediately. The counter clerk seemed to have a pretty good idea why and he assured me he would get her right away. He was looking behind me and I turned and here was the goddam goon from downstairs again. He had put his name tag on; Baloutine, or something close to that.

I got my cell phone out and tried taking his picture. He turned and started walking away from me. I went after him. He literally hunched down to prevent me from getting a shot of his face and name tag. I told him to stand up straight. He threatened to arrest me. I asked him what he thought he was going to arrest me for. He said "trespass".

That was nonsense, but he was clearly about to flip out so I put away the cell phone. Most of the people in the waiting room had noticed and most were perturbed. I could see through the windows that the clerks were also alarmed; by the goon, not by me.

The head counter clerk motioned me in. I found that the other clients had been removed from the alleyway, and all the clerks. It was basically a swarming, an attempt to crank up a mass hysteria against me. The manager was standing behind one of the wickets. I had talked with her briefly before, when I handed her the complaint about hunt. Her name was Catherine.

And of course the goon was there, standing so I could not even come all the way up to the wicket Catherine was behind. He had taken his name plate off again. I told Catherine three times to get him out of there. She gave me gibberish about how she can't order the police. So I left the building. I was surprised he did not try to follow me onto the elevator.

So, in the rest of the afternoon I managed to get to my MPPs office, to the ombudsman's office, and this human rights commission. I am not sure why someone thought this human rights commission would help. I started writing this all up.

defendant, interrupted

Next morning was court day. Bright and early, I phoned the small claims office. I had a very long and hard time trying to get through. Finally I got someone on the line who treated me like a complete idiot when I asked her to arrange a conference call. I have Skype, so this should not be difficult at all. She had the idea it should be arranged in advance. There is no technical necessity to arrange it in advance, people do conference calls all the time on a few minutes notice.

I tried to get her to send a message into the court that I was not going to be there because I did not feel safe to go into the courthouse. Again, a contemptuous attitude. She said she could not go in while the court was in session. It could not be in session because I was not here, and clerks carry messages into the courts while they are in session all the time. Why were you thrown out of the court house? You must have been causing a disturbance. Such was the attitude.

So, I had done what I could to get through to the court. I finished typing up my complaint and putting other documents together. Monday I dropped it to the Ombudsman, the Attorney General's office, and the MPP's office.

Tuesday I started phoning these people. The MPPs office had the worst time getting it though their heads that they have to be responsible. They are the legislators. If there is no one else who will take responsibility, the buck stops with them. My MPP, by the way, is Glen Murray. He was in Ottawa for a couple of months. No guesses as to why.

The Ombudsman's office now sounded very positive. Yes, they could get involved with this, but they had to give the AG's office some time to deal with it. I called up the AG and got the usual paranoid and contemptuous blow offs; it was being dealt with by the communications department but the communications department could not communicate with me.

Eventually someone did get back to me and promised that there would be a response by June 30. He also thought I should try phoning the small claims manager again. Why, he was not too clear on.

human and anti-human

Amazingly Catherine the manager answered my call right away. It was a rather fractious discussion, but it soon became clear she was not going to be cooperative or responsible. I coldly and calmly, and with great pleasure, told her to fuck off, or words to that effect. I hung up. I tried dialing the AG office again but I got her again by mistake. "Have you regained your composure? " she snitted. I told her to fuck off again and hung up again, all in a very composed manner.

The AG communications guy asked me if I thought the reason I have so much trouble with people is that I have such a, something or other, attitude. These people can never really explain that it is they do not like about me. It is, as I often explain to such jokers, that I have some real intelligences, especially a superior moral intelligence, and some integrity. This really drives artificial people up the walls. I am a big threat to their idea of their entitlement. I am not interested in their pretenses.

This seemed to make an impression on him. I also made clear that I have had enough of this nonsense from the clique of skin bags controlling small claims court. This has been going on for a decade now. This is a denial of my right to access to justice. If judges have biases against self represented litigants, they do not belong in small claims court. If the ministry of the Attorney General will not correct the problem, then maybe I have a constitutional case with the ministry.

That is as far as I went with this guy. But I said at the start, I think I am finally getting what I have been needing for all this time; an investigation. Lehrer has handed me what I really need, a way of showing the bias and abusiveness of this court. Everything these retards do against me seems to end up working in my favor. And "Fat Bastard" Lehrer thinks he has won.

It is also a lot easier to deal with these kinds of people when I am in reasonable health and have fairly consistent good mental focus and energy. That was my problem earlier in life. I have been wandering around very ill and unable to get a proper diagnosis. In fact most of the doctors I tried to get to work for me seemed to want to do things that further impeded my health and vitality.

As I said, phony people really do not like me. I have now organized my life so they can't really get at me. But my health problems were caused in the first place by the pieces of synthetic shit I was left with as a child. I was caused great physical damage by abuse and neglect then. I was caused more harm as I tried to create a life for myself, and crack the mystery of my health problems.

I am sick of empty, phony people with unjust attitudes. I think more these days about why the worst of people seem to be in control of everything, and why it is so hard to get justice done. I think I am going to start focussing on that; really raising hell about these worse than useless courts.

A lot of people are doing much the same these days. There is a lot on the net about the inadequacies of the kind of police, criminal, and civil systems we have. Especially, the rabid hostility toward people simply trying to exercise their right to represent themselves, to not be worked over by lawyers in the pretense of "defending" them. Self representation in court should be the norm, because there is no other way justice can work.

as it goes

So, in addition to a revision of the cause pimps site to refocus it and make it clearer what the aim is, I might start a web site about the court system. The causepimps domain seems to be burned. I did not even find out about the judgement until thursday when the owner of my ISP company, who has been a very straight dealer about this, told me he had to take it down.

I am putting it up in Switzerland and I really should have got it done by now, but I have been so busy with so many things. For the past few days I have had a bad sore throat and have not been in much of a mood for learning a new server system, all the dickering and little mysteries about doing anything technical on the net.

I had the site in Hong Kong for years but I got so tired of dealing with technical people who could not speak English. Switzerland is even worse; they are asleep when my energy is at its highest. But I like Swiss internet laws and I really like this company's server system. It seems to be just what I have been awaiting, lo these many years.

Especially, there is a new way of doing a blog which I can have real control of, and not have to worry about packing it up and moving it o another server. Switzerland may be my permanent web home after all these years of wandering.

Speaking of blogs, I should get this into cyberspace. Right now I have a fairly informal blog with a few readers. But with this system I am inclined to start writing highly drafted and publishable work again.

But I will continue some more informal reports, especially about my adventures with the Sheppard avenue Kangaroo Zoo, and "Fat Bastard" Andy.