On the Novorossiyan Independence War and Know-Nothings on TVOntario

I just watched an awful discussion of the Novorussian independence war on TVOntario's "The Agenda" program.

It was two Slavic academic ladies working in North America. Lots of that species around. They were discussing the situation with the host, Steve Paikin. The trouble is that all three were working from total misinformation about the conflict from the establishment propaganda mill. So, they think they are having a real discussion.

Nikita Krushschev's grand daughter was the more dovish "side" of it. Maybe it is because her grandfather was born in Donetsk when it was called "Yuzovna". She thinks that maybe the Ukrainians should get over it, because it is better to lose Donbass than start a larger war. That is at least partly sensible.

The other one was simply pushing the line of the masters of the universe. She was not really very good at it. She started the old Hitler and Munich line that appeasing bad guys encourages them to go for more. Paikin himself reined her in on that one. I think she is Czech.

But, there have been three cease fires and each time the Ukies have stopped and the Novorossiyan army kept on attacking. Only in the war mongers fake narrative. Every journalist who has actually been in Novorossiya for awhile has said the same thing; the Kiev forces call for a cease fire whenever they are about to collapse.

However, the Kiev junta never, ever, stops its shelling of every civilian target within range of their artillery, with the obvious intention of making the area uninhabitable, and breaking the morale of the local population. They deliberately target hospitals, orphanages, schools, bus stations, anything to create terror.

There is no Russian invasion of Ukraine. It really is a popular uprising by people who refuse to live under a fascist tyranny. Putin did not encourage it at all; he seems to see Novorossiya as complicating his strategy to bring about a neutral Ukraine. Russia is trying to lead the United States to defeat itself while avoiding a direct confrontation with it.

You do not want a direct confrontation between them either. We only have one planet to live on and do not need it turned to glowing ash. The Europeans are starting to figure out that they do not want Russia and the Excited States to go at it over Ukraine.

As Putin explained the matter to them, they have two options. First is that they can ally themselves with Russia, combining their manufacturing with Russia's resources, and be part of the world's powerhouse, creating generations of prosperity for themselves. The other is that they can get into a conflict with Russia, which will only serve the interests of Uncle Sugar.

This conflict will wipe them out; economically and very likely physically, if they do not use their heads and rein in the war mongers. As Putin and his foreign minister Lavrov keep trying to get across to them, there is such a thing as their own national interests. Why are they subordinating that to the whims of an economic elite of power drunk children? Those are the terms the Russian leaders are using to describe our true rulers.

Putin's message to these elites, in just these terms, has been; play time is over, put the toys away or real trouble is going to ensue.

I am outside the matrix which the child emperors have laid around the minds of most of this "liberal intelligentsia" of which the two "debaters" are a part. I mean the so called "Alternative media" as well as what is called "the mainstream media". I know that getting a clear picture of what is going on in the world requires brainwork.

Tracking the international situation correctly requires following web sites like Global Research. Twitter is a wonderful tool if used well. You need to tune into Russia Today, Iranian Press TV, TeleSur, and Chinese Central Television. You have to compare them and think about them. To really get serious about it requires at least a couple of hours work a day in front of the computer.

Doing this, you are going to have to start to admit some disturbing and depressing things about human societies in general, and especially the one you live in. You are in for a lot of frustration, given the choice of biting your tongue or speaking up whenever you hear nonsense like that on TVO last night. It is hard emotional and mental work to get people to listen to what you are saying when it totally contradicts what they are conditioned to believe. You have to overcome not only the misinformation, but the bad received cognitive schema (frames) on which it all hangs.

Hard work, requiring some motivation. Keep following me, because I will continue to have things to say about the sociopaths who rule us, the need to force people to a higher cognitive level, and of course, about whats happening in Donbass.

Right now the Debaltseve pocket is collapsing. Untrained Ukrainian conscripts are running around in a panic, abandoned by their officers. I think this time the Novorossiyan forces are going to capture a significant number of the Nazi terror battalions and these foreign mercenaries. It looks like the long awaited Nazi coup against Poroshenko is about to happen in Kiev.

History unfolds. The chatterers on Paikin's show are clueless about it. Sad.