The Donbass War and it's Context

Suppose they held a war and nobody came?

I have been very busy lately and have not been able to blog as much as I would like to have about the Donbass war and its context. But I have been following it very closely. I have a keen interest first of all, in the world not vanishing in a nuclear calamity.

However, I think I would rather see that than exist in the living hell that would follow the victory of the Rothchild version of global government. Even the somewhat milder Rockefeller ideas would make life not really worth living for an even larger proportion of the world population than at present. However, the way it is going now, these people have crossed a threshold of human tolerance and are rapidly losing their power.

We have an alliance of two powerful countries able to stand up to military coercion. Russia and China are both led by skillful statesmen who understand the situation they are in. They are both standing up to The Empire's agents and sycophants within and outside their countries.

Right now Russia is seen as the weaker target, so the war mongers are going after Putin. That is what the Donbass war is all about. But as usually happens when bullies are stood up to by those who can defend themselves, the bullies find their toadies fading into the background or turning on them.

the dark lords

While everybody is getting on with their lives, mostly unaware, there is the possibility that they are going to hold a global war. I did some editorializing in the past on this blog about how I think the greatest danger of an at least partly nuclear war is already past. I think the greatest danger passed about 2011 or 2012, when The Pentagon started telling the U.S. government that it was not unconditionally going along with the imperial project anymore.

There is some evidence of an increasing conflict between factions of the American "deep state". The Rockefeller faction has decided they do not want to risk a nuclear conflict and they do not want to get into "spoiler" wars anymore. They do not want any deployment of troops unless the aim is clear and the public is onside with it.

This faction is built around The Pentagon, the Morgan Chase bank, most state and local governments, and the industrial capitalists. The other big faction is, for lack of a better label, the Rothschilds, built around the financial and resource extraction industries, the Goldman Sachs bank, the CIA and NSA, the federal government and both of the political parties, and the whole federal government.

The former, industrialist, faction is older, meaning it been in power in the USA for longer. It has been running the world for a long time and wants to go on, but knows it is starting to fail.

The latter is a bit puzzling; it seems to be an extension of groups which have been around for many centuries, but have been eclipsed recently. Now they are growing again, and seem to be insurgent upon the Rockeller faction. It has similar characteristics to older financial capitalist cliques; they do not want to run the world, they just want to own it.

So, the Rothschild/financialist faction see all government as in their way, war as no problem, and chaos as great for them. This financial faction are very, very dangerous people. But as I said, the financialists are becoming strongly hemmed in, both at home and abroad.

The financialists are trying to do "war by other means," or as some of them are calling it, "fourth generational warfare". That is, rather than send regular troops, fund terrorists to destabilize whoever is getting in the way. Call them "freedom fighters" and call the legitimate authorities as tyrannies.

Atlanteans versus Eurasians

Right now the best example of this kind of thing is the conflict in Ukraine. If I get started on this I could end with about ten pages. Suffice to say I am very sympathetic to the cause of the Novorossiyan or Donbass revolt.

There are other places in the world where people are fighting back effectively against The Empire and creating real democracy and new kinds of societies. Kurdistan and Eritrea are examples. But "Donbass" is distinct.

First of all, it is an urban industrial society rather than a rural based one. Second, it is not another peripheral conflict The Empire is waging to maintain control. This is right on the border with the big target, Russia. This is where the prologue to world war three would be played out.

If the Empire, the Atlantic alliance, loses here they are pretty much finished. And they are losing. The Russian leadership, which is more than just Putin, is doing a very good job of breaking up the alliance around the ruling elite within the empire, often called "The Atlanticists".

Of course the Chinese know that they are a target too. They are also doing a good job of breaking down the U.S. hegemony in their sector. At some point will be the long predicted conflict between the Atlanteans and the Eurasians. But the Atlantic alliance might end up as only the U.S., which can't attack without effective allies. It cannot sustain an all out war for long; it has pretty much destroyed its domestic economy.

Turkey is moving away from the Atlanteans, India is moving away, most of South America has already moved away. Most of Europe is not buying the war propaganda at all and is turning on its Atlanticist ruling elite.


Holy shit! There is so much to explain about this. But from the point of view of the people of the Donbass, they are stuck deep in the middle of a frozen conflict. The U.S. agents who run Ukraine are desperate to get Russia to attack Ukraine.

Russia knows it cannot directly support the Novoruss republic unless the US and NATO start directly arming and training the Ukrainian army. Despite all the posturing about doing this, the Atlanteans have not dared to do this yet.

This is their big miscalculation; they never expected that something like Novoruss would emerge when they tried to effect a takeover of Ukraine. Even worse for them, that it was able to win against the Ukrainian army with no direct help from anyone.

The biggest thing people have a hard time believing about all this is that a volunteer, citizen militia was able to take on a national army, kick the shit out of it, and drive it back from their territory. It is true.

Basically, the Ukraine army was in a state of complete collapse before the fighting started because the government was bankrupt. Then most of the professional corps of the army quit rather than fight their own people, while others passed intelligence and equipment to the insurgents, and some crossed the line to help train and lead them. The fascist junta in Kiev can't find anyone who really wants to fight for them!

In turn, many of the Novorossiyan army commanders are furious at Russia for forcing a ceasefire before they had finished driving the remnants of the Ukrainian army away from the cities. This has enabled these "punitive battalions", made up of Nazi goons, to bombard the cities on the front line and do everything they can to destroy infrastructure and terrorize the population. Of course, all to try to get Russia into the fight.

the "pivotal year" 2014

I have noticed something interesting about world history since world war deuce. It seems to be split into three eras of 23 years, and now a fourth one is starting. It is a good thing I do not believe in numerology, unlike some net nuts. In these three years, 1968, 1991, and now 2014, a critical change occurred, and people often did not realize the significance at the time.

A lot of popular historian types now regard 1968 as a watershed year, when people in most of the industrialized world came to a kind of organic decision that they wanted to live in a different way. For over a decade after, the power of ruling elites seemed to be diminished and a kind of social revolution did take place.

Everyone thought that the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the end of the cold war and there would be peace forever after. It has not worked out that way. Instead the Atlantean elite decided it had won and could fully reimpose itself. A new age of repression seems to have started at that time.

Now we are ending 2014 and something seems to have snapped again. Everywhere, people have had it with being ruled over by "neo-liberal" or financial capitalist principles. This includes countries which are acting independently of The Empire but are still being run on neo-liberal principles, in the interests of an elite.

People are not paying any attention to fake democracy but are demanding that governments pay attention to the general interest, rather than elite interests. Also, increasingly, they are seeing through the fake revolutions, the "color revolutions" organized by imperial agents. Their governments are starting to gain for themselves the freedom to respond to domestic needs, by disconnecting themselves from the American dollar, the "Bretton Woods" institutions like the IMF and world bank, and starting their own internet, bank clearance systems, etc.

Of course here in avant colonial Canada people are catching onto things a lot slower but this will get here eventually. It is really hard to talk to most people about it, they do not even have basic concepts to hang it on. But it is not to be expected that the average Jane Schmoe, struggling for a livelihood under a financialist economic regime, would be an armchair political scientist.

the ones under fire

Now, here is a very good documentary about the Ukrainian civil war, from the perspective of the people who are stuck in the middle of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GzOaIXnkPs

These people did not volunteer to fight for the freedom of the whole world against The Empire, though they are. They did not ask to have the clash of great powers carried out in their back yards, but they have it. The word "Ukraine" means "borderland" and it has been the zone of conflict between military empires from the time of the Scythians down to that of the Nazis. Invaders have tended to lose, and the "fourth generational" warriors are losing as well.

It seems the residents of Donbass, when they set up the "Novoruss" republic, expected the Kiev government to just go away, as the Soviet Union disappeared when Ukraine declared independence. Or, that the Russians would intervene as they did in Crimea. Instead they got right from the start the most brutal attempts to repress them, and a flat refusal of the Kiev regime to negotiate with them.

how the war went

In the initial stages their defense efforts were impaired by their own leadership, who really were not up to leading a war and tried to negotiate with the private militias of the oligarchs. It was this that led to the loss of the seaport of Mariupol and several opportunities to capture large stores of equipment and ammunition.

The leaders of militia groups took over the government and were able to establish a defense zone linking the main population centers. The Slavyansk brigade, formed to hold a city in the northwest of Donetsk so as to give the rest of the Donbass militia more time to prepare, made a dramatic breakout and reached Donetsk. It then formed the core of the defense there.

There was some disunity among the militias, many having conflicting ideologies. The most effective leader and his group apparently thought bringing the Czar back to Russia would be a good idea. Others were communists, others were religious nationalists. There were Cossack groups and a unit sent by the Chechen republic.

As well, the government was divided between two provinces, Donetsk and Lugansk, which had separately declared independence and had trouble organizing a joint government. Some militia groups turned out to be gangsters. Some oligarchs used funding of government and militias to try to get control of the movements or disrupt them, to sell them out to the Kiev government.

Huge funding drives, complete with rock concerts and donation bins, were set up all over Russia to support the Novoruss militia. Much of the money was embezzled at first. Russian oligarchs also tried to get control the movement in this way.

An oligarch is an oligarch. Any idea of direct democracy, government by the people, is a threat. The oligarchs are generally sympathetic to the idea of Russia and Ukraine both integrating into the Rothschild empire, to protect their personal fortunes. They restrict the capacity of Russian president Putin to act, as well as Poroshenko of Ukraine.

The Novoruss militias were able to bring in enough equipment, along with what they bought from corrupt or starving Ukrainian soldiers, or captured on the battlefield, to repel what was thrown at them. The basic fact in their favor was that none of the three types of forces Ukraine could send at them wanted to fight. These were the regular Ukraine Army, the National Guard (NG) made up of the street thugs who had put the regime in power, and the private armies of the oligarchs.

The Ukrainian Army was put in a horrible situation. They were totally untrained conscripts, poorly equipped and supplied, often with no food for days or weeks, and few competent officers. The NG prevented them from retreating or surrendering. They were slaughtered.

The NG were good at looting, raping and murdering civilians in the areas they occupied, but had no interest in going up against anyone who could shoot back. This is much like the old Banderite militia of world war two, whom they regard as heroes. The private militias were for protecting their sponsors property and interests, not fighting for Ukraine.

The Kiev regime fought much like the Nazis did in this same territory. Aside from the NG terrorizing or driving away the civilian population, regular troops were ordered to take impossible objectives. These were not allowed to retreat, causing them to be surrounded and destroyed.

After the Slavyansk siege, the stages of the war were; the attempt to take the cities, the attempt to surround the cities, the attempt to encircle and isolate Novoruss from the Russian border, and the encirclement and "cauldron" stage. While they were trying to surround Novorussia, the Kiev forces failed to notice that they were being themselves surrounded.

As the Ukraine army collapsed, Russia intervened, ordering Novoruss to accept a ceasefire. The Novoruss Armed Forces (NAF) were dependent on Russia for supply, and had to obey. This led to the phony ceasefire, with enraged NG units forcing the Ukrainian artillery to flatten everything within range of their guns.

Despite this, the two rebel provinces elected parliaments and presidents, and kept civil society going. They have been impaired in civilian relief and reconstruction by the lack of a coordinating government between them. The Russian government does not want them to establish permanent government institutions. It wants a unified Ukraine with a moderate government; a divided Ukraine will still leave a hostile fascist regime in the north of Ukraine.

Finally, within the last week, the Kiev regime ordered another attack. It failed miserably. Ukraine is now starting to collapse; it is running out of stored natural gas and cannot import more from Russia, its only source.

how the war will go

It is hard to foresee how this will end, but the end is near. Armed resistance is now building in other provinces of south Ukraine. Ukraine is siphoning gas from the pipelines running through its territory, causing shortage in European countries to the west of it.

Ukraine also depends on the coal from Donetsk which is now cut off. Its currency is now almost worthless. It is becoming clear that the financial bailout and/or military intervention from the European communities and NATO is not going to happen.

This Ukrainian joke has long stopped being funny. It is a sad story and it is going to get sadder. I will be blogging further about it.