Tory age is here, Pamster age is still here, I am still here.

The municipal election has come and gone. The fairly predictable result has come to pass. Tory won the mayor's office and Pamster the Hamster is back as ward 28 councillor. I am disappointed that Blackmore did not do better.

It is almost impossible to crack the incumbent advantage. More about that below. But I think Blackmore was hampered by the unfortunate occurrence at the end of the campaign. Some over zealous or under clueful campaign volunteers posted some signs on private property.

As for myself, working for Blackmore got me into some difficulties. I had assumed that you could work on a campaign and then as an elections officer on the day. I have done it often in federal and provincial elections. It seems there is some rule in city politics that you can't work for a mayoral campaign and as an election worker. You can't work for a ward or school board candidate and be a worker in the same ward.

But a certain moron who monitors my blog and twitterings and tries to cause me as much trouble as he can, passed the information on to the elections office, and probably the MacConnell campaign, that I was a Blackmore worker. How did he know that?

But I got a voice mail message first from the head of hiring for the election, Colin McLaine. This was in the morning of October 20 and he was polite and simply told me that I had to contact the elections office and be moved to another ward.

But before I could do that, in the early afternoon I got another call from him. This time his attitude was totally different, like somebody had leaned on him or spread some slander about me that he was stupid enough to listen to and be influenced by. He was really venomous, shouting that I could not work on the election at all.

After trying to get him to shut up and listen to me, I hung up on him. Then I called the election office and soon had another spot as a ballot officer. The trouble was, it was way out in ward 5 in Etobicoke. Previously, I thought I was going to be working inside my own building; hello, neighbors. From taking the elevator to work to taking the streetcar, the subway, and the bus.

Soon after, I got some information about who ratted me out to the MacConnell people. I have some informants of my own. This will be very useful in the libel case I have going on with this joker. No, I am not suing him. He is suing me. I am preparing a claim of abuse of process and this pretty much clinches that. But I am not going to get too far into this case on this blog.The story will be told when the story is finished.

So there I was in a church hall in southern Etobicoke, plying my ruler, pen, and voter's list with elan. We had a pretty good crew there; we all kept up with the volume. The city has started doing things in a different way from the usual Canadian elections routine. Instead of a poll clerk and a DRO at a table, one ballot officer does it all. Some deadwood middle management eliminated!

We were able to finish up quickly and get the results in. I know that in this ward #5, there was some trouble in some of the poll stations and delays in getting the results in. Interestingly, there was a Melnyk running in this ward as well. Was he a relation to the aggressively sign posting Melnyk of ward #28? Do we have two families of bucket head jerkoffs in Toronto politics?

I was very tired as I headed home, but since the bus ran past the Blackmore office anyway, I dropped in to see how he had made out. By that time they were just packing things up. I talked with him a bit. Yes, the incumbent invincibility is still real in Toronto. He said there were rumors that Pamster was retiring in 2018 and he was considering running then.

What a forlorn hope! We have to wait until some asshole who has been around half a lifetime retires and then maybe we have a hope of getting someone in office who is in the same dimension as us. What I would like to see retired by 2018 is the political system which allows this.

Pamster is the poster hamster for what is wrong with this system. She is a great councilor as long as you think just like her. What we need is a system of multimember districts in order to end the ward boss system. Democracy works a lot better when you have two or three other people you can go to if one does not want to listen.

Yes, that is why so many of these jerkoff councillors support the "instant runoff" nonsense, the ultimate in fake reforms which will make the problem even worse. I am not sure what little old me can do to try to get serious voting reform considered in the next few years in Toronto. With people like Meslin, who are so good at intimidating and neutralizing all potential opposition, it is a tough slog.

But I had a couple of ideas for Blackmore, and will try running them by him once he gets over the disappointment and is back at his regular job. His employers at the local arts council and business improvement district might be interested in these, too.

First, some sort of ward council needs to be formed. In the absence of alternate channels of communication with city government, it needs to use collective power to create one. All the people who can't get anywhere with Pamster would likely have a lot more luck if they worked together.

Second, some sort of forum needs to be convened to look at the real options for city government reform. Out of that could come an effective group to promote it.

Outside of the obvious multi member constituencies, we need to make it easier for party politics to work. One big reason for the nastiness and corruption in city government is that we do not have parties. People are generally not interested in personality politics. They end up voting for a familiar name without really knowing who the person stands for, what the person has done, has a reputation for. Ordinary people really want to vote for ideas and principles.

As well, we need a new way of choosing the mayor. This has been made obvious by the Ford experience. No, runoff elections would not solve that problem either. Rob Ford would have won in a runoff in 2010. The truth is, you never want a direct election for an executive position to be filled by one person. The mayor should be chosen by the council, the way a prime minister or premier is chosen in Canada.

So, I will soon make a try at getting something like that started. It will be difficult; the biggest obstacle will not be from the ranked ballot types, but the blockheads who claim to be opposed to it. More about that in future blogs.

For now, I will see if I can get through to Mayor Tory. With every mayor since Lastman, I have tried to get the head man to sit down and listen to me about FMTA. I have not succeeded yet.

As well, I have some interesting legal matters going on. I am not suing the person who tried to get me fired from elections Toronto. He is suing me. We shall see if he will meet the deadline to withdraw the action without "costs". That wil be a topic of future blogs as well.

I think 2015 will be a busy year for me. I am now feeling healthier again. I seem to have the right balance of medications to control the problems which have slowed me down the last couple of years.

Stay tuned out there in the blogosphere, twitersphere, and reality sphere.