Comment on OCAP's "New Member's Meeting".

July 2014. Latest about OCAP is that they are holding a new member's meeting. I do not think they have ever done this before. Usually they have a sufficient supply of people who are angry about things. They stay until they catch on that they are being used, and then they drop out or hopefully, find more effective ways to fight for social justice.

Could it be that OCAP's supply of cannon fodder for its perpetual cat and mouse war with the cops, is running thin? If you read this page, you will know enough that you will have only yourself to blame if you do join and then end up hurt and abused.

But do people know enough to research an organization, to learn what it is really about, before they get involved. This is a vital skill for someone who wants to be an active citizen. Not an "activist", please.

We do not live in a really free society; there is plenty of control and manipulation going on from all sorts of political organizations. Even if they are against capitalism, they serve capitalism by creating an environment where it is very hard to organize a really effective resistance to it.

Groups that are what they seem to be are scarce, but they do exist. It takes some effort to find them. One thing which should go up on the cause pimps site soon is a section for good organizations. That is, ones which are what they say they are, and are led by a core of competent people.

The Green party comes to mind, although they do not deal specifically with poverty. It is hard to work for them in Toronto because they are so constantly disrupted by the NDP.

The Basic Income Canada Network seems to be developing into an effective force but it hasn't established a presence in Toronto yet. When it does,, it will be attacked fiercely.

Foodshare Toronto does a lot of good work and has been around for awhile. A good choice for those who would like to help to alleviate poverty but do not want to get into confrontation politics.