War Watching From Outside the Media Bubble.

I am starting to get quite consumed with watching developments in the "Federal State of New Russia". There are plenty of crazy journalists there to tell me about it. Well, not so many now. They are not twittering so much now, because cell phones in war zones are not good ideas. There are people around with rockets and mortars who would like to kill them.

I have been especially following the small city of Slavyansk, population about 150 000. It seems to be where a lot of the fighting happens, probably because the resistance is tougher there and so the Kiev junta wants more badly to take it. I feel like I am getting to know the place.

It seems the local defense force is getting better armed all the time. They have had sufficient of small arms but nothing heavy. The Ukrainian army has not seemed much interested in taking them on; they just block the roads and prevent supplies from getting in.

Things are in short supply in the city, but people are said to be going about their lives as best they can. The TV channels are off; they were able to get Russian programming on last month but the "National Guard" types retook the TV station on the edge of the city and put Ukrainian language channels back on. So they shut off the TV altogether. I bet the library is busy now.

Mostly it is this National Guard which is doing the shooting at the defense force positions, and then running back behind the regular army positions. They do not seem to have any strategy. They are likely just the same kinds of street punks the "Svobodas" used to storm the government in Kiev back in February.

Such people would not have much fight in them; only tough when there is weak resistance. But they can be vicious then; we have seen what they did in Odessa and Mariupol. It takes a special kind of hero to strangle to death an eight months pregnant woman who is laying injured on the ground after jumping from a window to escape a fire.

But these are just the kinds of people the New World Order needs for doing their dirty work. It takes a special breed to shoot at both sides of a street battle to intensify the conflict. However, such people are usually not too bright, and so the Kiev junta and their CIA handlers have to bring in mercenaries.

This is the kind of thing the Atlantic elite have been doing for generations now to preserve their power. It is not working so well for them now because they have lost their total control over information. We have some real reporters on the beat in the east of Ukraine and their stories are getting out.

It is not really about the internet, although it gives them some new tools to work with. It is that various oppositional entities have learned how to do information warfare. The Russian government especially has been playing a very cunning strategy.

People in the Donbass region where the rebellion is going on are pleading for the Russian army to intervene. Some of the "fight imperialism" types all over the world are also looking for the Russians to go in and get the fascists and "save Donbass People". That would not be a good idea.

The strategy of the idiots in Washington and Brussels has been to bait the Russians into a military intervention to give them an excuse to send their own troops into Ukraine. I say idiots because these are not the evil geniuses of the conspiracy freaks imaginings. These are complete fools who have huge resources at their command and a willingness to be totally ruthless and deceitful, but are being trumped at every turn by the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians.

This gets into a sort of debate that goes on over the net with people who worry about this sort of stuff. Of course people should be a bit worried about this stuff. Is the American or "Atlanticist" empire collapsing or is it consolidating? To me, this is a bit like the "is the glass half empty or half full" dilemma. The glass is too big, hah, hah, and the the "Atlanticist" or "neoliberal" or whatever else you want to call them, are consolidating and collapsing.

Their consolidation of power means their collapse because what they want to consolidate is completely unrealistic and cannot work. You cannot run an economy just by using the power to issue money in order to buy up everything and suck it dry, with no reinvestment in capital, infrastructure, or labor development. It does not matter how big a war machine you have, or how big a security/surveillance apparatus; eventually there is nothing left to suck out.

A few weeks ago I was at one of these political scientist symposiums up at the U of T. Someone from the states was talking about his study of the American elite and how it has shaped the world since 1913. That is when they fully took over control of the US by setting up the federal reserve system.

This guy seemed little interested in the morality of this hegemony; it was like this is reality and we have to live with it. That is a step lower than even the naturalist fallacy; whatever is, is what ought be. It is; whatever is, just is.

I asked this guy how he thought this system was going to come to its end, since its collapse appears imminent. He asked me if I thought I saw any signs of the elite's collapse. I did not reply to him, because anything I said would likely seem "confrontational" to this very esoteric group.

This joker can continue in his delusions where I am concerned, but his elaborations about my question were interesting. He said that this ruling elite had gone through crises before, during the 1930s and the 1970s, and had found solutions. In the 1930s solutions were found for them, over their frantic objections, by the Roosevelt democrats.

Their solution for the consumption/growth crisis of the 1970s was to start crushing the middle class. They have fully hollowed out the American economy and are running on their ownership of the reserve currency which everybody has had to use. They have a massive war machine but it is not being kept up to date. They no longer have the industrial base to keep it supplied when it is fully engaged.

Spending half of the world's defense budget does not mean they have half of the world's military power. An alliance of Russia, China, and Iran could hold them off pretty well in a conventional war. They can sustain themselves and hold interior positions. The US cannot rely on its allies.

Holy shit, this is a complicated subject! But the Atlantic elite is going down, and they will be the most dangerous as they do. I have written about this before. I think the worst danger is already past; it is clear they are not going to get the American armed forces to go along with world war three. The generals seem to be preparing to take control of the country as the elite becomes fully incapable of governing.

But now the Atlanteans are frantically trying to bait Russia into invading Ukraine to give them a pretext to move their own troops in. The Russians are sane enough to know that they do not want to have their troops facing off with the troops of the other main nuclear power

on earth. The American Generals and Admirals are also not crazy, unlike their civilian bosses.

Unable to use their huge military, the war mongers are using the usual "destabilization" techniques but these are not working well, either. Paid street thugs are only effective when the target doesn't have the backbone to stand up to them, as with the deposed Ukrainian president Yanukovich.

Back in February it got really pathetic. Yanukovich's riot cops could have cleared the Maidan square in Kiev in half an hour, but he was terrified that the western banks would seize all the money he had stolen from the Ukrainian treasury. He is the kind of sleaze ball for whom everything is a deal. He could not understand why he could not get some kind of deal that could let him to stay in power and keep looting the treasury.

He was something like Milosevic of Yugoslavia, fifteen years back, but without Milosevic's self pitying dramatics. They were weak and corrupt leaders in a time of national crisis. So Yanukovich finally cut a deal with the Maidan thugs wherein they and the riot cops would leave the square at the same time.

These were people who saw themselves as successors to the Banderite militias of world war two, who acted as auxiliaries of the gestapo. They have no real support in any part of Ukraine. They got their way by crude thuggery, the backing of western intelligence groups, and the fear of the Ukraine oligarchy, of offending the western or Atlantean power complex.

As soon as the riot cops were pulled, they swarmed back into the streets, stormed parliament and forced it to depose Yanukovich and appoint who the US had already named as interim leader. All the center left parties were literally thrown out of parliament if they had not already fled. The vote was held with the Banderites goons standing behind the remaining legislators literally holding clubs over them.

And the cretinous western press hailed this as an example of people power in action. What makes it so sickening is the hysterical reaction against against the examples of real people power that began to develop within days of this foreign organized coup. First, the people of Crimea held a referendum, voted themselves out of Ukraine, and asked Russia to take them in.

The Atlanteans had not counted on anything like this. But Crimea had in effect been illegally annexed to Ukraine back in 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up. The idea that borders are holy and inviolable is a conceit of ruling elites. The only thing that should matter is what the people in the territory want. Very clearly, they wanted to be with Russia.

While the western media were still in conniptions about this, the Donbass area set up its own self defense force and held a separation referendum. And that is how this present conflict has started. The government in Donbass is far more legitimate than the one in Kiev. The only credible candidate running against "Willy Wonka" had to quit after being beaten almost to death by the Maidan Mongos.

I am very impressed by the way the people of the Donbass stood up for themselves. At first they were armed with rocks and clubs, but were able to stop armed troops with tanks. They organized an election and an effective provisional government under extremely difficult conditions. They have repelled increasingly well armed and ruthless attacks from the Banderite national guard.

One reason they were able to put together an effective military force is the legacy of universal conscription in the old Soviet Union and in its successor states. People know how to fight, how to be soldiers. That seems to be a prerequisite for real democracy.

The Donbass or Novorussian people also have some experience of living under totalitarianism. They know what they have to lose. This is another part of the problem with North American people; they do not understand what is worth fighting for.

However, the Novorussians, or whatever they finally decide to call themselves, cannot rely on direct support. The Putin government in Russia has to play a game. Anyone with any integrity has had to play the game many times in their personal life.

It works the same way between conflicting social classes or groups and between nations. You have an enraged psychopath trying to get his or her target to do something to create a justification for an attack, a way of claiming that the target was in fact the aggressor.

Eventually Putin will have to intervene in Ukraine; the psychos in control of Ukraine will just keep going. But first a war of words and symbols has to be carried out. It has to be shown who the aggressors really are. What really enrages the Atlanteans is that they are slowly losing the propaganda war because, as I said, they no longer have total control of information.

The Russians are becoming very good at information warfare. The Chinese are getting reasonably competent at it as well . But the Chinese have a way to go before they catch up with RT, which is the best electronic news network in the world right now. Often when I am working at the computer I will have RT going on the box, and if there is something new and good I will stop and watch.

I should get around to getting Chinese Central TV on cable as well. And I can't wait for TeleSur from South America to start its English language channel. So real TV news is available these days, at least for international stuff. There is no reason to watch CNN, BBC, and the even worse shit. Even CBC is pretty disgusting.

What I wish now would be for RT to set up a Canada branch, although there is already more useful news about Canada, privacy laws and trade deals and so on, than there is on Canadian TV. I mean, they have an RT U.K.

Yes, RT is propaganda for the Russian government. All media is propaganda. The idea of a free press is a fairy tale, even in the internet age. Yes, you can transmit news to millions of people very cheaply with the net. But actually investigating what is going on and presenting it in a coherent way is expensive.

Someone has to pay for a news network. Funding it totally out of subscriptions or donations is not realistic. People are used to the news being for free. Most people will prefer stuff that is given to them for free. Even selling advertising is usually not a good business model these days. Running a news network is now a money losing activity. It is done only by entities with money to spend to get their message across, without expectation of profit.

We all know what the US and Canada oligarchy's message is. We know what Russia is trying to put across with RT. But at least RT only slants the picture, it does not try to invent its own facts. Most of the idiocy coming out of the establishment media is from making up its own facts.

Even CBCs coverage of the Ukraine civil war is disgusting. Whatever fits the Atlantean narrative is reported as fact without investigation. Whatever does not is ignored, including the brutality of the Banderite militia against the civilian population of the Donbass. This is now accelerating to the use of white phosphorus and the blockading of cities, refusing to let civilians leave or food to come in.

The popular militia defending the people against the Banderites are called, at best, "pro-Russian." But the people in the Donbass are mostly Russian and their territory was, like Crimea, formerly part of Russia. Calling them pro-Russian is like calling them to be in favor of themselves; pro-ourselves. But of course psychopaths do not like people who are for themselves; who assert their own right. The peasantry are supposed to be like shmoos, sacrificing themselves to please their master, or for the greater good, which in the masters/psychos mind is the same thing.

The defense force, the popular militia, gets called "terrorists". The goons on Maidan were freedom fighters. "Willie Wonka" the new president of Ukraine, was freely elected. The Novorussia government is illegitimate. Russia "invaded" Crimea. The U.S.A. can do no wrong. Up is down. Black is white.

The latest news is the cutoff of gas to Ukraine for non payment. Making Ukraine pay $300 tcm is terribly unreasonable when the rest of Europe is only paying $400. The Kiev junta says it has enough gas until December. It is not clear if that is while siphoning off gas as well. But okay, they can wait until December to freeze.

Russia says it has some brilliant method ready to prevent Ukraine from siphoning off gas meant for western Europe. The wilder and woolier elements from "The Maidan" have been talking about blowing up the pipelines that supply one third of Europe's gas. The U.S. covert warriors would do something like that.

But while the big powers maneuver and posture, the war is accelerating on the ground. Refugees are flooding into Russia. Video of the CIA backed Banderists atrocities, the increasing desperation of the civilian population, especially those caught in battle zones, the weaponry being used against Donbass, are also flowing out.

Flowing in are some very good reporters, and relief aid, and a fair amount of weapons. Also, some good fighters from Russia and some the countries with reason to not like the USA. The Vostok battalion is there; native Chechens who disliked the fanaticism of the Islamist insurgents of the Chechen war and fought for Russia.

I do not think Russian sentiment will allow the Novorussia army to collapse for lack of equipment, like the Republican cause in the Spanish civil war. As long as they can control a border with Russia, they can sustain themselves. That is why the big fighting right now seems to be around the border area to the east of Lugansk.

This is so even though the popular uprising complicates Putin's strategy somewhat. He would have preferred them to just lay low instead of giving the Kiev Cretins an enemy to fight. Pootie cannot give direct military aid, but anti aircraft and anti tank rockets, and even tanks, seem to be wandering over the border and asking the Novorussian army to put them to work.

So the propaganda war will go on for awhile, in parallel with the war of liberation on the ground, and as part of a strategic game between the maniacs in the USA and Brussels and the very sane and prudent people in Moscow. The hysterical anti-imperialists will rave that Russia must intervene militarily right now because the "New World Order" is coming to get them. But at some point the maniacs are going to simply run out of time, money, and public tolerance.

But before then the government in Kiev is going to collapse. That will happen in the next months, as the Ukraine's economy collapses and the Ukrainian speaking part of the country also starts to rebel against the Kiev junta. Even the Maidan mugs are starting to turn Eurosceptic.

President Willie Wonka of the IMF territory of Ukraine has no real power over anything. At some point he will realize that his ego and greed have gotten him into situation with no way out. He cannot defeat the rebellion. The Banderite Maidan goons will kill him if he tries to make peace. The demands being placed on Ukraine in return for a bailout will launch a rebellion throughout the rest of Ukraine. Only the Russians can rescue the Ukrainian economy but if he dares to try to talk to them he will be killed. He faces ostracism and he confiscation of his wealth if he does not do the international bankers bidding. In the end he will likely flee, just like Yanukovich.

But this discussion of the situation has gone on long enough. There is really no way to cut it off except to say, here is how it lays as of June 18, 2014. We will see how it looks in a couple of months. That is, if we have not had a nuclear war in the meantime. Do svidaniya.