about organically labelled food

It is over a week ago now I was at a kind of environmentalists picnic at Christie pits. I should write something about it now that I have some more time. I have been messing around with organizing a conference in Montreal, and with troubles with the jerkoffs running my buildings, and also in the small claims court with some people.

At least this is something I can talk about. Gag, gag. But it was a nice early summer day, there was some nice live music playing, and some cute chicks with bare legs wriggling around to it.

There were stalls of people selling stuff that did not especially interest me and I had no money to buy anyway. A whistleblower type gave a very interesting speech. I had an interesting run in with a GMO labeling fanatic who should have been listening to the blower of whistles.

This guy wanted me to sign a petition demanding that GMO foods be labelled. I told him I do not want them labelled, I want them banned. He started getting antsy, telling me that that is not going to happen.

And why is that, asked I. He did not seem to hear that or have ever even thought any of this labeling through. He seemed to think the goodness of labeling should be self evident. The idea of just banning this stuff was too much for him.

I know better than to try debating somebody like this. I just headed off down the line and he chased after me for the length of a couple of tables. If he had been half way sensible I would have introduced him to a couple of ideas.

One is that labeling the GMO stuff does not mean GMO is not going to get into our food. As long as the stuff is grown somewhere it will blow into non GMO fields, and soon all foods will be contaminated. The GMO companies will go around suing people because their crap got into their fields and bins.

Another thing is that meat fed on GMO crops will be sold without labeling. It has been shown that the poison in GMO grains is not destroyed in the stomachs of food animals. It is in the meat, and we eat the meat.

But the worst thing is that non GMOs so labeled will be at a premium. People who can afford it will be abled to eat relatively GMO free food, but the poor will have no choice.

The GMO labeling is the same mentality as "organic" foods. What the hell is "organic" supposed to mean? As the speaker I was referring to said, all food should be organic.

He described five sources of contamination in our food and there is no reason for any of them.

1) Pesticides. There is no reason for chemical pesticide at all. It is the solution of factory farming.

2) Feeding dead animals to live herbivorous animals, especially of the same species. This is how things like "Mad cow disease" get going.

3) Antibiotics; this is creating all these superbugs, incredibly irresponsible. All just to control the diseases of cramming animals in too tight.

4) Growth hormones. They persist in the meat of animals, and are the same hormones produced in the human body. This has actually been known to cause children to go into puberty prematurely.

5) And good old GMOs

Now, if we got all this crap out of our food system, all food would be "organic". There would be no need to label anything. The speaker expressed some exasperation that people do not grasp this.

He is tired of making speeches like this and nobody does anything, the situation keeps getting worse. He has reason to feel this way; the people listening glazed over when he said this. They glimmered a bit when he talked about how corrupt the system is; rotten to the core.

"Rotten to the Core" is the title of his book. He is not selling too many of them because he wants such a price for them. He may think he needs to recuperate some of his legal costs, because he has been suing the government for nine years now.

He used to be a scientist for the government. He stopped the feeding of critters to other critters in Canada, and was hounded out of his job for that. He is a bit arrogant but that is common in super brainy types. And, his particular bit of tootling on the tweeter has prevented Canada from so far having an outbreak of "mad cow" or other forms of retroviral disease.

Fuck labels. We need to go back to farming. This involves taking on the agro-industrial complex. Yes, that is a big thing to take on. But where people have been determined to fight back, and smart enough not to fall for diversions like "labels", and especially in countries where the public still has some control over the government, the monster is getting held off and even rolled back.

I wish people could get as worked up about this, a real danger to the public, as they do about the made up problem of "climate change". But after awhile I just got back on the subway and went home. I will keep buying as much of my chow as possible from the farmer's market, learn how to cook more stuff from scratch, and that is all I can really do about it.

It does not cost much to eat safely, but it does take some time and travel. Most poor people do not have that luxury. But this is getting into a whole new topic. Goodnight. tr