April 21 2014; The fight to make the truth heard; me at the Maytree hosted RaBIT event and other notes

There is something I should enlighten the FVC ginger list people about. I might have written it two weeks ago but I have been extremely busy. Busy by my standards anyway; if I overdo things my medical problems bushwhack me.

On April fools day I went to this event Maytree foundation was holding, about mobilizing the vote in poor communities. My suggestion would have been that the best way to get poor people voting would be to give them something to vote for. As an official poor person I have at times been frustrated enough to vote for one of the communist candidates. The NDP offers nothing to me and says nothing for me.

But I walked in the door, not knowing what was really on the agenda. Here was June MacDonald and some other "Toronto Action Group" people passing out leaflets. I learned that Meslin would be making a presentation there.

They said they were not invited. I am not sure what they meant; they were not told about the event until past registration date? I had no trouble registering. But why not just file a complaint about this, because Maytree should not be doing something like that. But, you know about this Toronto Action nincumgroup.

I went in and asked who was organizing the event. I was directed to somebody called Alejandra Bravo. I thought I had already heard the name somewhere. She was snarky, giving me an impression of having been prejudiced against me.

She asked me why I came here. I did not reply. I told her I had not heard that Meslin was going to be presenting at this event but I objected to this. She snarked that the program had ben posted in advance. I do not recall getting it. I told her that if he was going to push this AV crap I wanted a few minutes to rebut it. She said I could talk about it to the people at my table.

Well, I did. They were not pleased by the way the event was run, anyway. One guy was running for city council. They thought it was almost like a bait and switch. There was not really anything here about mobilizing votes, just druming support for some agendas.

What really concerns me is that this is promoting a political issue. Maytree was not supposed to be doing that. I have attended a lot of their events over time. I especially like their "five good ideas" confabs.

I have talked with them about the good ideas of Proportional Representation and Basic Income. They have said they could not do that, these were policy issues. So Ranked Ballot is a policy issue. So why the change now in their policies about policy issues? Maybe now they can do Proportional Representation and Basic Income?

Eventually, Meslin, as well as Desmond Cole started their thing about Ranked Ballot, never mentioning any other options. I got myself a can of coke and sauntered over. Meslin waved at me and introduced me, implying that I am a big supporter of RaBIT.

I shook my head to indicate that was not so, and went over and stood beside the podium. Desmond got all whiny and asked me why I was doing this. Alejandro cut the mike. Meslin was a bit brighter than her and went over to her to ask her to give me a few minutes.

Desmond asked the audience if they wanted him to continue. Stupid cunning; never suggested whether I should say something. The creepy RaBIT supporters at a couple of tables at the front clapped at that but the rest of the hall sat in stony silence.

So I made a dramatic shrug and went back over to my seat. The guy running for council was a bit indignant about the denial of my right of free speech. I could see the leaflets for PR, which June and crew had handed out, sitting conspicuously on the table tops. Nobody seemed interested in the leaflets Mez handed out.

After awhile, I got some more nibbles and went over to Alejandro again, and also talked to a couple of other Maytree functionaries, one of whom seemed to have some clout over Jandro. Basically, I suggested I would be writing letters to the federal government about their charity status, as this was a political thing, although I was not sure if giving a forum now to the opposite point of view would fix that with the feds.

So, here is the germ of an idea if I can get some people to work with me. We should give Maytree an offer they cannot refuse. I have been thinking of a way to get an event happening about the abusive way Ranked Ballot is being pushed through for city government, and what the alternatives are.

I mentioned this briefly to June on the way in and she also thought that Denis Pilon would make a good speaker on the latter topic. She herself might make a good speaker about the former topic, although I would want more perspective on it.

I hung around until lunch, and talked with the people who set up a table for Samara. I think they gave a talk too. But Judy Duncan and the ACORN Canada bunch were on in the afternoon. These are another obnoxious bunch of cause pimps. At least all they do is take money from poor people by making them think ACORN can solve their problems with landlords, payday lenders, and so on. They are not out to totally screw up our political system in this city.

I decided instead to leave and spent the afternoon going out to Oakville, since I got my money the day before and could take the go train there. Interesting; I have lived in Toronto twenty years, have had the go train running past my window for ten, and this is the first time I have actually ridden it.

My mission was to serve the court documents to sue the assholes who took down my web site with no notice. Their address was a post office box in a UPS store, whose clerk refused to sign for it. But I have done the research and know the home address of the owner of the business.

But now I wait for them to file a defense and if they do not I will have to apply for substitute service. I really can't understand why a corporation has to be hand served; registered mail should be enough.

It was a nice trip out to Oakville, on a nice day. Picturesque place. I even walked back to the Go train station.

What else is there to say? As I write this, I have my TV tuned into that evil Putin propaganda outlet, found on channel 517 on Bell. It doesn't seem like you can get it on Rogers. This is one of the best reasons to subscribe to Bell cable.

As far as international events is concerned, there is simply nothing else on TV. Even CBC is mostly hogwash, although they seem to be getting a bit embarrassed by having to mouth the rubbish about what is going down in Ukraine. Wouldn't it be the ultimate Ukrainian joke if armageddon started in Ukraine?

But don't get your gaunchies in a knot yet; eat some perogies and watch the ultimate mad Russian, Maria Finoshina. If y

ou don't have Bell, find her on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwJMMMSwoOs

The transatlantic ruling elite is now frantic to get world war three going in order to solve their dilemmas. They are having a hard time getting people to go along with it; the stupidity and hypocrisy is just too much.

I will send this off tomorrow.

Na dobranic, everybody.