About Canadian Electoral Alliance, false flag groups, and my web site troubles.

Whoops! I forgot  to send this off for two weeks.  But it is worth  FVC time  in reading. So I will send it.  I have been busy writing a term paper; the last one I will  do for quite a while. I have already graduated but I thought I needed one  more course dealing with post modern thinking. It was a very  good. I  have become a  big fan of matters post modernist, George Bataille,  Jean Baudrillard, Foucault,  etc. 

As for my web site, I  think I will go ahead and  get some more dominion spaces but i am not sure when I will get a list sever going again.  I went out to Oakville last week and served the  papers on  this  web hosted who  cut the site off without  notice. I have been doing a bit of legal research and I think the time is right, considering the  changes in Canadian law since 2012,  to  create  a precedent in civil law.


The Canadian Electoral Alliance meeting on my 25th; I learned a lot there, worth passing on. 

I should inform the FVC ginger people about a meeting I was at a couple  of nights ago. It was about this Canadian Electoral Alliance group. I have already noticed that this group is really about promoting the climate change crap and  wants to promote the idea  that we need PR  just  to get action on "climate change", whatever that is supposed to be. Of course, it is never a good idea to let one idea that  you want general acceptance of be tied to another idea which  many people  do not accept. 

Now, Wing does a pretty good job of running it. It has accomplished some useful things like the forum on voting reform last fall, where even Elizabeth May told  the crowd more or less the same thing. She  should be smarter than this. I hope she shakes her head one day and outgrows this. 

Besides Wing there were two others there beside me. One was the woman who  was stuck trying to run a Leadnow group all by herself awhile back. I was there and was not impressed. So were most of the people there. They had been called on from  a list of people who had expressed interest, to   look at he strategy Leadnow had in mind for the next election. For some reason I cannot remember much of this strategy. 

I am also concerned about an organization where they call an important meeting  and  none of them show up, leaving someone else to handle it without enough information.  This comports with my inability  to contact anyone in Leadnow when I tried to get them to  announce  my own little thing to  their networks. 

So what is the problem with Leadnow? Keep reading, because I will now lead you to  some pretty good ideas about it. 

After the Leadnow lady had talked about her experiences of last week, I did not add my own observations. A couple of people stood up and voiced their dislike of volunteering for organizations and discovering they had been baited and switched into something they  did not  want.  They referred specifically to environmental groups. 

Someone else was there  from the good old Liberal  party, reciting the  same old Liberal  apparatchik's crap about how we can not do strategic voting because disgruntled Liberals who can not vote for a Liberal will go and vote Conservative. 

About quarter after it became obvious that the person they needed at the meeting was not showing up. So they celled her  and  Wing laid the cell  on the table. This is the first time I have seen somebody  participate in a meeting by cell phone. It worked as long as everybody else shut up when the cell phone was talking. 

This brings me to the other person present, who had trouble keeping his  mouth shut so we could  hear The Voice from Cyberspace. He liked to let us know that he  was a graduate  in mathematics. He is a central casting vision of a technical geek with Asperger's syndrome and an attitude. 

The talk was about  details of the  next Canadian Electoral Alliance meeting, mostly about what to call it. Even the voice on the cell had to keep explaining that Proportional Representation was not by itself a solution to climate change. I even proposed "PR4Climate Action" as a solution to their dilemma. 

With that done, I had  to insist on a couple of minutes  to take care of my own business. I asked  those present how to contact people in Leadnow.  The first two thought it would be very difficult; they have much the same problem. I should keep  e-mailing the contact@leadnow.ca. 

Professor Asperger  pronounced that I need to be on Facebook, because that is where they all are.  If they are all working through Facebook, that  would be a lot of their problem. He  clearly  does not like people dissing Facebook, and seems to  think it is all there is to the internet. 


As I packed up my gear I noted that people are moving away from FB in droves, and didn't it have a big failure in the stock market lately? The guy started screaming at me. Wing  got him calmed down temporarily. 

I saw no point in noting that I am looking into  alternatives to facebook, and  toward that  have  an idea of  acquiring some additional social engine software and doing  some experimenting with it. I need a really safe web space before I deploy it, because it  would be  a bitch to have to reinstall if I had to move it suddenly. Also I need some money. 

But after I  had my coat on and was prepared to flee if these ecofanatics  tried to lynch me, I suggested to Wing what I discussed in the  first paragraph of his piece. At this  the supergeek went completely nuts, standing up screaming at me. This climate  change thing is the ugliest ideology  since libertarianism.

More on that,  the Math grad  was raving about  how he had proved mathematically something about  the climate  which was  not really clear. You can prove anything mathematically if you just make up the  facts to start with. People  have proven  perpetual motion mathematically, and shown that bumblebees  cannot fly. The economics profession is notably full of these people. 

I told them, and I will tell anyone else, that  a generation on  all these ecofanatics will look like total asses. The climate will be fine, but much of the earth will be  irreversibly contaminated by the  nuclear and chemical industry.  The ones who  fund all  this climate change donkey shit to divert attention. Including,  setting up Canadian Electoral Alliance as a front within the voting reform movement. 

Oh, one other  thing I asked; did she know anyone who might be a good presenter at a panel discussion about  bill 166, imposing  Alternative Vote on Toronto?  All she would say  was that this was hopeless because Meslin had too many contacts.  This was  fairly  pathetic; it  does not matter  how any contacts creeps have, if they are wrong the are wrong. 

The  only contacts  that matter are the ones who  mark an X on E day. It is a matter of reaching them, and FVC Canada has enough prestige  and recognition, still, to do it. No doubt the same type of argument is being circulated within FVC, by this inner clique. They no doubt hope that their membership  will not even notice what is  going by. 

I have not got any replies from this list yet, about possible presenters about the Bill 166. I might try  organizing something  later.

Afterthought about Basic income

Right now, I am working on organizing another meeting, one in Montreal, for a cause which still hasn't cracked through to  general public awareness. Basic Income Canada Network is a new organization. It has a change of getting its  basic structure and  aims right, and not falling into the mistakes of FVC. 

If   the bill 166 assignment draws a blank with  you people, maybe you can help me think of some  good non profit organisations  in the country who are interested in poverty elimination and social justice, and who might want to; 

1) endorse the meeting

2) Make a donation to help the meeting

3) send a delegation to the meeting. 

The URL for the meeting is; http://biencanada.ca/congress/

The theme is; "Redemocratizing the Economy".  There will also be a day long workshop on how to build a movement for  Basic Income. A very important meeting. 

And I have said enough for now.