about FMTA Cause Pimps, lately

Here is the text of something I posted on the Cause Pimps site, regarding FMTA. It included a screen grab of something sent into this web site by one of our "informants".

See it at http://www.causepimps.ca/FMTA/2014%20patterns%20of%20behavior.pdf

He detects some patterns in FMTAs behavior. Yes, the FMTA people have a pattern of taking long holidays, starting work late, and leaving early. They are lazy buggers, except at doing what they should not be doing with public money.

One of their patterns is to keep making propaganda for the NDP in the comments sections of newspapers. I wonder who has the time to spend scanning all these publications and logging the similar arguments and identities.

The NDP councillors very misguidedly keep funding and shielding FMTA. They are but one of several front groups the NDP have created. Along with them is a "protect at all costs" mentality which leads to criminal acts which are almost impossible to prosecute. This is one reason why NDP is largely hated among the groups which they claim to represent.

Lately this web site has not had much up about FMTA, because they have not been doing much. There are more interesting scumbag groups to follow. The web master of this site has had medical problems for the past year and a half. One older contributor has dropped out. There are some newer ones but these do not understand what is really needed, and are not as good at getting information.

But the strategy of FMTA for surviving the Ford era has been to lay low. They are staying very quiet. Even more so now that their number one protector, Phil Brown at Shelter Support and Housing in the city admin, has left.

One way or another Mayor Ford is departing the scene this year. Then things will get more interesting. As well, some new legal actions are likely to become possible.

But we must remember that the real problem is not groups like FMTA, but the kind of corrupt, clientelistic political system in which they can flourish. That is why I am more interested these days in political reform at the municipal level.