Wow! I am "condemned" by the OCAP inquisition!

I got an interesting tidbit of information the other day. This is November 2013. An acquaintance of mine got into a conversation with an OCAP member. He seemed to be very interested in me. He wanted to know if I had ever been a psychiatric patient. The people who are part of the left network who have me on their hate list seem to be obsessed with this idea; that I have been a psychiatric patient.

No, I have never been a psychiatric patient. At times in my life when I have been demanding things like medical care, housing, and an adequate income to survive on, I have kept having people try to get me sent to a psychiatrist. Eventually I talked to a psychologist who asked just who in hell some people think they are. He wrote me out a letter confirming I am not a candidate for psychiatric intervention just because people do not like what I say. That made it easier to access various services.

But what I heard at second hand was that I had been "condemned" by something they have in OCAP nowadays called "The Justice Committee". Apparently this is what it is informally called. The official name is "The Dispute Resolution Committee". I have had nothing to do with OCAP in about ten years, since it started getting too weird. In fact I got drummed out for unclear reasons, probably drawing attention to the weird things going on. Maybe this is what this person was talking about; events from ten years ago.

Considering that OCAP has become simply one of the pools of attack dogs for various "left" interests, and a training camp for bullies, that is disturbing. If this "condemnation" is recent, what is it about? The people on this committee are said to be; Kelly Hodges, Sarah Vance, and Kelly Bentley. A.J. Withers is an alternative. It seems they style themselves as "judges."

It is interesting that three of these people are female. I know less about Hodges but I think she is a she and connected somehow with the G-20 defendants. Like everything else to do with OCAP, it is extremely weird and unsettling.