a world view

Here I sit, typing and listening on Russian TV about the latest effort by the idiots in Washington to get world war three going. This time, through Syria. The CBC is not too bad about this, and SUNTV surprisingly is fairly objective. But the American channels I occasionally check are unbelievable.

WAR-war-war-war, WAR-war-war-war, WAR-war-war-war,... If you ain't burned half the world yet, you ain't half tryin'! Yeehaw!

A quarter century ago the Russians were under the Soviet tyranny. The Americans kidded themselves about having a free press but it was a lot better then than it is now. Even Soviet propaganda was somewhat staid in tone. The American propaganda machine is like the Nazis in its raving contempt for truth.

Now, one of the best news sources around, for U.S. and world politics is RT. It has the most credibility in a sea of fictitious facts. It has the most calm and studious analysis of events in a sea of howling fanatics. The situation is not quite as dire in Canada, but we really could use a Canadian equivalent of Crabby Abby.

What alternatively infuriates me and makes me LOL, are the people who snark about RT being a state supported propaganda outlet. Yes, it is. So what? This is less acceptable than propaganda funded by crackpot Billionaires who want to decide how any people should be alive?

So, you may not be interested in politics. But like Trotsky said; "you may not be interested in war but war is interested in you" And everybody else too. Last year I put my personal "future history" mental exercise out on this blog. Find it at http://www.blog.qaz.ca/2012-10-07.html.

It is a popular game these days, guess how world war three will go. I think I did a pretty good one, based on many years of reading web sites about global strategic stuff. I mean good web sites, from people with a little education and some sense. Not the total whack jobs who think the rapture is at hand or godless communism is about to prevail, or even that the final collapse of capitalism is at hand.

But it is becoming clear that the risk of WW3 is declining. The big crisis seems to have come and gone in the autumn of 2011, and had a lot to do with General Martin Dempsey becoming Chief of the US armed Forces. This was part of a split within the US establishment, with one wing getting fed up with the irresponsibility of the more extreme wing, and realizing that they are headed for disaster.

Obama is a total stuffed shirt. He keeps trying to appease both factions. But he is being pushed toward being seen to be doing something against Syria.

The factions seem to line up thusly;

The extreme right wing, neo-feudalist side of it, the "we want to own everything" faction, is based on the Goldman Sachs bank and the Federal Reserve Bank.. They are tied into the CIA, the "Homeland security", the Billionaires, and the Tea party Republicans. Oh, yes, and the international drug trade.

These are the seriously dangerous whack jobs who build monuments proclaiming heir desire to reduce the world population to 500 million and hold it there. They want to return the world to a feudal system, quite literally. That means, the whole world divided up among a few powerful overlords with a military/police force at their disposal, and the rest of the world as serfs who live for exactly as long as they are useful and obedient to the overlords.

The less dangerous faction, the neo-fascist "we just want to run the world" group, is based around the Morgan Chase bank. They have moved over to the Democrat party. They are connected to the pentagon and the oil business. Harper seems to be linked to them.

The neo fascists used to be the old industrialist families, dedicated to running an old fashioned mercantilist empire. They were divided into the "suppress all dissent" faction associated with the Rockefellers, and the "coopt all dissent" faction associated with the Kennedys. They have united against the new financialist class.

The industrialists had been rather good at running a commercial empire. they used to keep out of serious wars unless they had to fight them; they knew that war did as much harm as good to them. But the financialists see no downside to war at all. Their management is usually very ad hoc and inept. When they had control of much of world trade during the 1920s, they ruined the British empire and wrecked their own power for a few decades. In recent times, they have been reestablishing themselves.

But they are again destroying the basic for their own power. In the past, world wars happened because economic powers developed who were not tied into the financialist system, sometimes called the Rothschild system. These were states issuing their own money instead of conceding that power to the financialists. They were the German, Austrian, and Turkish empires before world war one. It was Nazi Germany. Japan, and "Fascist" Italy before world war two.

Note that here is a great deal off confusion about the term "fascist". Fascism is any economic system run by and for the owners of business corporations. The predecessors of the present neofascists love fascism, they just did not like upstarts creating their own fascism.

Now, the fascist control of commerce is breaking down again. financialists are out of hand. Countries are operating independently of them. The Russians were supposed to have collapsed and been broken up. The Chinese were supposed to have been kept under control as a source of cheap goods. This did not happen and now the elites of India, Brazil, and so on are breaking out of the controls, creating their own money systems.

This analysis makes ridiculous the ideas of the Libertarian whack jobs in the states. They are convinced that "the government" is all about some monolithic entity called "the trilateralists" who are about to put them all in these much discussed portable prisons. But the portable prisons are owned by the Pentagon, not the homeland security types, and would be a good place for all these tea party types if the U.S. collapses into chaos.

These goofballs keep hyperventilating about a world currency and a world government. There has been a world government and currency for decades and it is now collapsing. This collapse creates the opportunity for people in many of these states to create their own governments. This is pretty much as predicted by Marx although the present day Marxists will be one of the bigger obstacles to it.

In the U.S. media, there is all this talk about a civil war coming, but nobody can answer; war between who and who, and why? As more people understand the two factions above, that will answer their question. One thing is for sure, it is going to be about creating a new system of government, not "abolishing government". What total idiots! If there is no government, there is no civilization.

But what are the consequences of all this for us peaceful Canadians? If the US economy collapses, demand collapses, and Canadian exports collapse. This is especially so here in Ontario, which depends to much on selling cars and minerals and so on to the U.S.

In Alberta it would be much worse because it is a one industry economy. You know what industry I am talking about. Since there is no social infrastructure there, the shock will be incredible; ten times worse than the 1930s.

B.C. would be much better off because much of its trade is with the pacific rim. You know, on the other side of the pacific? Where they send the coal, wheat, and logs? Also, where the new economic powers are rising?

Canada has for a long time been protected from the turbulences of the world by its isolation. Now it is about to be right next door to the storm center. If a word war happens, Canada will be in the crossfire. If, as is more likely, the U.S. of A collapses into chaos and civil war, much of the trouble will spill over into Canada.

It would be grim but amusing if Canada were to be deluged with starving American refugees fleeing the abolition of governmental tyranny and the instituting of a totally unregulated market. This could happen if the neofascist faction breaks down due to foreign military/political/economic defeat at home to the point it cannot maintain internal control.

This might be a bigger concern than global war for the other powers in the world as they watch the U.S. lurching toward Damascus. If the U.S. is fails here, it is pretty much finished. But if its hegemony breaks down totally and abruptly, so will its economy which now depends mainly on threatening everyone to use the U.S. dollar in international trade.

Who wants to be right next door to a country full of thousands of nukes, plus millions of fanatics with a death wish, when everything in that country collapses? And on that cheery thought...