corresponding with the almost witty

There is a new blog in town that somewhat agrees with my view about politics in Toronto. It is run by Greg Renouf and he is one of these people who tends to take conversations where he wants and reveal only what he wants you to know about himself. Which is why I suspect he is some sort of agent. How does he get his money? But so far he has said and done nothing I cannot support.

Find him at http://www.genuinewitty.com/2013/07/29/it-looks-like-torontos-anti-gentrification-battle-is-heating-up-feat-sigrid-kneve-ocap/?doing_wp_cron=1375578569.5777070522308349609375#more-24610

That overly long URL goes to the article I am talking about now. He commented on the OCAP once again trying to make trouble on George street, and below is my response to it. Below is the pounce upon by the thought police, showing why I am reluctant to comment in forums where these kinds of peopel are not structly rooted out.

anti gentrification battle

I lived on that block of George street for nine years. I was in the Toronto Housing building at 291, right in between Filmore's strip club and Seaton House.

There is nothing OCAP could do there that would not make the situation worse. The real problem is not Seaton house, as the gentrifier idiots in the local resident associations think. It is some of the buildings in the area of Seaton house which are a problem for Seaton house and its clientele.

Chief among them is the "housing" building at 291 George, run by "social engineers" of the "we must house everyone" type. That means they think they have to provide a unit to every drug dealer who is sprung from jail, and the place to put every problem is at 291 because there are no other buildings around there to make a fuss about it. The people in the Jenny Green coop across the street are neutralized by the coop housing bureaucracy and have their own problem with being forced to take street involved people.

That George street is the worst possible place to put street involved people seems to be of no interest. I have talked with some of these social housing flakes who insisted that drug dealing is not a real problem. They were even hostile to the idea of putting a security guard in the building.

They even resisted the idea of putting a fence around the back yard because "fences make bad neighborhoods". They finally did after some drug goombahs kicked out the walls in their apartment and started a drive by cocaine dispensery in the adjacent alley.

They also kept bringing people with addiction problems into the building, which meant that the drugsters out on the street immediately had another "spot" in the building. Want your drugs free, give us the key to your pad. Or, get your face kicked in every time you step out the door because we own your ass on George street.

The assholes of 52 division were not exactly helpful either. I tried organizing a tenant association in the building and suffered years of harassment to isolate me and drive me out of the building. This culminated in me being arrested on bogus charges.

Fortunately, this backfired on them and they had to give me my choice of buildings to move to. So I went down to the good end of George street, in the St.Lawrence area, and I have been here for ten years. What keeps this building livable is not so much the lack of a Seaton house in the area, as a strong neighborhood association, one that supports social housing, is not trying to "get everything social the fuck out of here", but will not let the housing bureaucrats get away with renting to drug dealers.

Ah, yes! I can tell you many stories about my years on George street, but I do not have the time now. But I run into some of my old friends from there occasionally, and I hear things have changed little. I think they turned it over to a private management company which has not improved anything.

I think the solution for George street is the Pruitt Igoe one; if the places cannot be run properly, tear them down. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruitt­Igoe This includes the rooming houses in the area, although I thing they are pretty much gone by now. Without a base on the block for drugsters to operate from, Seaton house will be a much safer place for those who have no choice but to live there.

The problems of George street are the usual ones of people in positions of authority who do not belong there, especially over those who have no voice.


I got no response at all about the topic actually under discussion, just slander, like so;

Tim, aren't you one of the people who helped fraudster Kevin Annett organize a meeting in Toronto a few years ago. Are you going to apologize to Kevin's victims for that?

Dear Susan F. What is there to apologize about? I liked the documentary "Unrepentant" and still do. I heard Annett was in Toronto so I invited him to do a talk at the "community space" I and some people were trying to get together at the time. We showed the documentary. The space collapsed when one of the principles in it proved to be a real fraudster and wrecked it. She not actually get any money out of it. But that is another story. I started to not like the creepy super left types Annett was hanging around with and severed connections with him. Later I heard about all this fraudulent behavior. Too bad; it was a pretty good documentary. The issue is real. It is very hard to know just who you are dealing with in the Toronto activist scene. Whoever has never been taken in by a sleaze bag, let him or her throw the first stone at me. tr

Gone Fishing

So, shortly after this I responded again to to slightly witty, about OCAP and the Sammy Yatin affair. Tha tis a teh big URL below.


So once again, somebody was acting strangely in a public place. Once again, a scrawny individual with a jack knife gets filled full of holes. This time he got tasered after he was killed. Again, I say that a cop who cannot disarm someone half his size waving a jacknife, using his bare hands never mind a baton, needs to be in some other line of work.

But a few days later Yatin's relatives held a demonstration about it, which inevitably the Oh, Crap types showed up to take over. Witty Gregg denounces this and ends with;

This can't be allowed to happen again- OCAP needs new managementŠ

OCAP under new management is a good joke. I recall suggesting that about ten years back. It just got me drummed out of OCAP. The shadowy figures controlling OCAP from the side will not relinquish control. What is needed is an alternative to them. I could discus that in depth some other time.

This brings on this below, again nothing to do with the topic, and distorting what I actually said.

Tim Rourke, the reason you were expelled from OCAP is because you're too violent, even for them, and you're still violent. Trying to enlist a long time, disabled, housing activist to build a bomb to blow up the Bell building is only one example of your violent streak. You discussed this here: http://www.causepimps.ca/FMTA/about%20law,%20libellers,%20Levitt,%20and%20living.pdf

Sez I;

Oh, looky. The NDP thought police still have me in their brief. The technique is to portray me as an extremely violent individual, without any evidence ever offered, in order to create a cover for one of their thugs to assault me. It is called criminal libel but there is no protection coming from the police. So Witty, I suggest that this fish be thrown back in the slough it flopped out of and blocked from posting any more.

By the way, people bemoaning the failure of the police to act against OCAP should consider whether OCAP amounts to an auxiliary of the police. They sure are good at disrupting and coopting peaceful protests.