stuff about votng reform movement

Here is some of the stuff I wrote to do with the e-mail list I run about reforming Fair vote Canada so it can effectively oppose the Alternative Vote phony reform stuff. First, there was some nice guy who is surprised at the depths political conflicts get to wen something that really effects power is involved. I said....

So S is amazed that Meslin is still on that official list and throwing abuse at everybody. How many times has he quit now, and he is still there? Yet I got unsubbed from it, and there are extensive measures being used to prevent me from even reading the archives. ( I started my own list after getting thrown off the official fair vote discussions list for being too...whatever.)

Also, he says he has never seen tactics like this before. What he is describing is mild compared to some of the crap I and associates of mine have been through. I have been arrested on trumped up charges, I have been swarmed at by the male-hating lesbian anarchist attack corps, and I have had goons try to follow me home. They have cost me employment opportunities. I have been black balled by the legal aid society and my local legal aid clinic.

A friend of mine has had them try to get his landlord to let them into his apartment while he was away, and has had members of the above mentioned lezzie attack corps follow him around on bicycles shouting that he is a rapist. They destroyed his online business.

Just lately, an acquaintance of mine has been going up against some of these "radicals for rent" types. One of the attack lezzies has gone at him with a knife. His latest post is at http://www.genuinewitty.com/2013/04/10/sandy-garossino-must-immediately-resign-from-the-red-hood-anti-bullying-project-feat-raffi-rachel-goodine-gina-thompson/#more-17040

Greg's blog is worth reading back through for a good understanding of what these kinds of people are capable of doing. If this does not explain well enough to "we have to work with everyone" types the harm of this delusion, nothing will. And for most of them, it won't.

As for the appearance of Meslin on TV, and the imminence of a vote in Toronto city council on the local voting system, and the total failure of FVC to get on the case, I would have to say that the rabbits have the "foxes" on the run. Are people simply scared to go to city hall and lobby for STV? More on this in item 4. ( keep reading )

It seems that a few members of the city of Toronto's exec council are on side, and mayor Ford is vacillating.

Also below is the text of my campaign brief for the national council elections. ( not included) It seems the vote is being held back by what Wonderful Wayne describes as "internal problems". The campaign will start in May now. There is some more stuff I should put up on my web site. ( www.fairvoteginger.qaz.ca )

At one point Wayne was asking for questions to be put to the candidates. I think the only question people want to know from these candidates at this stage is; what side are you on? The RaBIT types will try to fudge the question and fly under the radar.

Now, I have a suggestion for what to do to launch action to preempt the RaBIT and local liberal clique from railroading AV through with no real opposition. We need to get a local democracy event together before June 1. I would suggest a workshop format. We have one section about proper forms of local government, one as a general introduction to PR principles, and one as a discussion of RaBIT behavior; the unacceptability of anti- democracy "activists" behavior.

I strongly recommend hiring a security guard to insure that the you know whos do not attend. This is not all that expensive.

The question would be, where to hold this? Most venues would be terrified of any controversy. The bunnies have allies in city council who could make trouble over libraries, community centers, etc.

An even more worrisome question; could presenters be found? The ability of FVC people to stick their heads up when intimidation is going on is very questionable.

But here is a possible activity which could come out of this list. So many of the people on it are from the Toronto area. How about it?

Are there people out there who would like to form an action committee to oppose what the AV bastards are doing? tr ( evidently not; at least, not yet)

Well, the Liberal convention has come and gone. I must say I like the new version more than the old one. Why truck thousands of people across the country just to have them mill around a convention hall for two days?

But I do not understand this point system. What is the point of it? Why not just add up the votes; using Alternative Vote, of course. I am so sick of the AV bullshitters I hate even saying that. But AV is not really the right thing for this either, when you have a much closer race. You want some form of preference voting, but what?

What do the voting system nerds on this list think about that?

But Joyce Murray came second as predicted. I wish FVC would communicate with her in some way, thanking her and encouraging her to persist. She would be a good candidate for key note speaker next time we hold a meeting somewhere. Dave Cullen too.

But it is impossible to know what FVC is doing. It does not seem to be doing much. I do not know what it is going to take to get things into motion. There are things for FVC to do. Above all, this attempt to ram through AV in Toronto before any opposition can coalesce must be interdicted.

Something else I could say, about people with attitude problems toward political discussion. I was astounded at the people making a big issue out of the celebrations of Mad Maggie Snatcher's death. You know; "ding dong, the mean old witch is dead". This is the nonsense that comes from mush brained middle class people who have never had to deal with real life.

Do these idiots have any idea of what the freaks like Thatcher and Reagan were to the subordinated classes in Britain and America? The Oz song is pretty mild compared to what could justifiably be said about these individuals. I actually visited England once, during Thatcher's time, and had a chance to meet a few people who had been able to get by until Thatcher came along, and had since been driven to complete desperation. I do not know what they are doing now. Most of them are probably dead.

It is the same kind of hypocrisy that gets some idiots ranting about my cause pimps page, and my awarding the RaBIT people the golden screw.

So now, while I have been typing, I got the message form Wonderful Wayne asking me if I like the way my statement is displayed. I am having trouble sleeping anyway, so I read all the statements. I am not impressed by many of them. I do like Deverell's.

It makes me sick that the RaBIT bastards are still running in this vote. Sarah Lambert is also one; radical from the super communist Canadian federation of Students who has been screwing up the Ryerson Student's Union and was part of the crew that wrecked the CKLN radio station when they could not take it over. I think she was on the Toronto Chapter board once, too, unless I have her confused with someone else.

Some of these other ones; I do not think they have the slightest idea what they are getting themselves into. Retired university profs? I bet half of them drop out if they read Deverell's piece.

I would not vote for anyone who does not give some indication that they understand what the issues are. It is about the "hostile take over", stupids! Not an impressive bunch, despite all the credentials.

The term of this next FVC board is likely to be a nasty, dirty trench war. The only mitigation is that it will be mostly by conference call, with few face to face sessions.

It will go on until, ding dong... hand me my ruby trench boots.