random notes 1

"we don't need no education, we don't need no thought control...."

I wrote the final exam in my course on April 1st. I am still waiting for the marks. I scribbled up two and a half of those booklets in under two hours and did not totally cramp up. The cymbalta is pretty good. Whether my efforts will be of any avail I do not know because I have not been getting along well with the people who will be marking it.

The teaching aides who mark the papers are totally locked into this idiot way of thinking. They are all PHD candidates who do not want to rock the boat for fear of being dropped from grad school. I do not know why they are so unwilling to push back, since there is supposed to be such a shortage of grad school candidates now.

Everything is black and white with these cone heads. There is one way only to speak, think, and organize things. However, the human brain is a dynamic system. It is not right-wrong, up-down, yes-no. It is about what is most probable, and about the simplest explanation of things, about which a way of responding to reality can be derived. Sometimes I think the only two courses I took at U of T that were not completely useless were the "Introduction to Cognitive Science" and the one on "general semantics", both taught by profs who everyone else at U of T thinks are crazy.

It is part of some crap that is going on at U of T that is even becoming something of a political issue. I think I have written this topic up a bit already with you. U of T is increasingly run by people with a very left brained way of thinking.

I have noticed that entry level courses are filled with students out of high school who are totally bewildered and intimidated by all this. When they get up into third or fourth year they start getting rebellious and throwing the papers back at the markers. I have had to go back and take some 200 level courses to fill out requirements.

But what gets to me is that they talk about correct academic organization and style, but the readings they assign are often not written in this way. There is a lot more variation in writing style and way of organizing and presenting than the U of T writing labs" let on. I have given up on them and looked on the internet for advice. What I usually use is a model I downloaded from a Harvard university web site, although I tend to get thrown off that by the kind of questions I have to answer. As well, when I run out of time because of all the other BS I am mixed up with, I have to hand it in before it is really ready. Oh, dear.

But I think it is time to think about ending this university thing. Once I get my final marks back I should talk to them about graduating. There is only one 400 course I still would like to do, about research methods. But over the summer I might take on this course about "civic engagement" which gives you some hands on experience working with non profits, writing briefs for politicians, stuff like that.

But I have a different kind of academic endeavor in mind now, if I can get into it at my age and physical limitations. I would like to be a paralegal. George Brown college is only two blocks away from my home and it has a continuing ed course leading to a paralegal certificate. I have just missed the May intake.

I think you can guess why I would like to learn to be a paralegal.

stop gerrying my mander!

What other things are agitating my fussy old brain? Me and my neighbors are up in arms about the plan of Elections Canada to cut the St. Lawrence neighborhood in two with boundary revisions. They need to create a new riding in downtown Toronto and it looks like they have done everything possible to gerrymander it so they can get the opposition vote corralled and give conservatives more chance.

St.Lawrence is a big NDP area so of course it gets cut in two right down The Esplanade. If we lived across the street we would still have Uncle Bobby for an MP. Now we will be in the revised Fort York, named after a tourist trap, and which straddles the waterfront like a snake, lumping us in with condo land, liberty Village, and Grange park. The ghetto! Blech!

They chopped Rosedale off from Toronto Center and added it to part of the downtown core to create the new riding of University-Rosedale as Conservative habitat. They have somehow managed to cut out the university residences and leave them in Toronto Center. With all that social housing full of new immigrants, Toronto Center will be the Liberal Ghetto.

So, we have a petition going on to have the line dropped down to the railway tracks. Nobody lives south of the tracks anyway. They can add Corktown to their big snake if they want; the Yuppies there would deserve it. Just leave us with our buddies in Olde Towne and the Yonge East corridor, puhleese!

Wow! I am starting to sound like a mid town Toronto snob. Do I get a nosebleed yet if I go north of Eglinton? That is quite a statement about somebody who grew up in south Alberta. At least one thing my little piece of the world is being spared; that 40 story dildo they were going to construct across the street from us has been definitely killed.

my happy home

Speaking of kill, I wish a big chunk of ice would fall on Mary Roknic, the Toronto Housing district manager around here. We have something like a functioning building committee although there is some friction within it. Dan and Cathy want do it all themselves and generally we let them but we keep them reined in a little. They are able to deal effectively with the bullshit bureaucracy of Toronto housing.

Some things have improved with Toronto Housing since this new general manager has come in from the U.S. They are getting rid of this offensive system of tenant reps and allowing people to form associations. We have to elect a proper building association with a chairman and treasurer and so on, and incorporate it, if we want access to discretionary money.

This is just about the scheme I advocated way back in 2001 and 2002, and which led to the weirdos running housing back then to seriously try to destroy my life and put me out on the street. One of these days I will tell you all about that. But Ballantyne and the assholes around him are disgraced and gone. Bosworth is dead. Phil Brown and Cathy Chislett are still at the city housing department. I have had recent troubles traceable to them.

I did a good deal of researching on the net about housing in other countries, especially Britain and Australia, and I made some acquaintances. I wrote some papers explaining that the only way to properly run housing was to let the residents run it themselves. In fact, make them run it themselves even if they do not want to. Otherwise, housing gets run by social engineers of the Billy Bosworth type. The social engineers really did not like me doing that.

But now we have a chance to actually get some repair work done around here. We need the carpets in the hallways replaced badly. We no longer have to go to this district council and be told; "what, you people get to live in that building in that neighborhood and you are complaining? All the less privileged buildings should have first shot at discretionary spending". Just because the place is not falling down and crawling with bedbugs and crackboys does not mean that things do not break and wear out around here.

exciting lives

I guess I have a boring life compared to the average bull fighter in Spain. Since I became a twitter twit I have been monitoring the twitterings en Espanol of some female bullfighters. I am going to have to start learning Spanish if I keep this up. Google translate can tell me what these characters are writing but not what they are saying on the videos.

So whats new in that milieu? Hilda Tenorio damaged her achilles tendon and just got her foot out of the cast. Of course we get a picture of the scar. Lea Vicens still loves her pet bulls whom she uses to train her horses. Lupita Lopez is still batshit crazy and talking about quitting every time she has a bad day at the ring. Conchi Rios is also crazy and is recovering from her latest goring. She has found a new agent and is talking about taking the alternativa. That means, do this initiation ceremony after fighting enough half grown bulls, and becoming qualified as a full matador to fight full grown bulls. The "miracle of Peru" is also talking about doing the alternativa in Spain. And MariPaz Vega is still plugging away at it after twenty years.

I think I have always had some interest in things Spanish, even more in things Spanish and female. I even went over to the Sony center to see Maria Pages when she was in Toronto last week. She and her crew of flamenco dancers and singers put on a very good show.

I was also there in January when the "Celtic Woman" group passed through town. Yes, Mairead Nesbitt really does manage to dance that lively while she plays the fiddle. No faking.

One thing I would love to do before I die is go on a holiday. I would like to go to Ireland and see some Irish music and dance. Then go to England and visit those nephews and niece. And then I would go to Spain to watch some guess what?

Not much chance of doing this. What is needed is a "screwed up ex children's" wish foundation. They have the children's wish foundation that allows kids dying of cancers and such to do something they would like to do in life before they die. How about allowing old people who never had a chance to do anything they might have liked to do through no fault of their own?

Or, I could sue somebody..... I wonder which would be the longer shot.

drug safety

Something else I could tell everyone I can about, that is really helpful to people who depend on medicines o stay functional. I was present at the launch of this idea in Toronto earlier this year. It is just what is needed, due to the psychopathic nature of drug companies and many doctors. I wish this web site had been available before I started a couple of drugs. So, if you get a drug prescribed to you, check out this web site first. www.rxisk.org

the ding bells

Well, I have had to change my phone number again. I hope nobody tried to call me. I finally got impatient with Bell mobility a while back and found a new cell phone company. I am thinking of getting rid of the telephone system altogether. Few people ever call me. I have Skype and like it; it is vital for the conference calls I have to do frequently now.

As I said, I am on twitter. Don't be a twit, send me a twitter message. https://twitter.com/yaxl_to There are lots of ways for people to get in contact with me. I am not being reclusive. Of course, I am being careful. There are ways of using this stuff that protect your privacy and do not let the ying yangs follow me to my physical address.

everybody talks about....

Oh, I forgot to talk about the weather. It is still freezing out there. This is the longest, coldest winter I have experienced since I came to Toronto. So what is this crap about global warming?