Stuart's latest trauma

Welcome to the wonderful world of politics, Stuart. I have been dealing with this type of thing for many years, much worse than this in fact.

I have been thrown in jail on the basis of malicious statements from people. I have been followed around by thugs with knives.

Just last night an acquaintance of mine was harassed by some people who did not like him attending an event, and accused him of a "history of harassing women". He had one female who he said seemed to be mentally challenged verbally abuse him. Then someone warned him to look out as this woman was approaching him from behind with a knife. He got out of there fast.

Compared to that, messing around with me on the net is trivial. I have had to move my web sites a few times because some idiot in an ISP office was got at, but that does not happen much anymore. Anyway it is a fairly minor inconvenience; there are lots of ISP companies. I now have a server in China.

They have also tried using complaints with google to block my domain. But it is easy to register new domain names. I have only been on twitter for awhile, but it seems like something is being done to block me from setting up a hashtag about cause pimps and trolls in Toronto.

They have even organized "distributed denial of service" attacks on my web sites. These were of limited effect; the ISP is good at security and just identified and locked out the sources.

I refuse to use facebook, but apparently it provides much scope for this kind of people to attack. I know one guy who let it really get to him when somebody started "friending" him with hundreds of fake I.D.s.

One thing these people can do is send you viruses, or subscribe you to hundreds of e-mail lists, or try hacking into your financial transactions.

The sum of it is, these kinds of people are there. The only way to deal with them is to flatly refuse to engage them, for your own safety and that of your associates. If you have an organization that is any more controversial than a garden club, anything that disposes of money or could effect somebody's interests, you screen prospective members. The minute somebody starts trying to attack people and create fights, get him or her out the door, fast!

Appendant to that, use your brains about who it is who is attacking who; these people's nearly universal operant tactics are to claim that somebody else is a troll, or picking on them.

This is why the most dangerous person to have in a group such as a local chapter executive of something like Fair Vote is some idiot who thinks he or she is the "conflict resolver", who wants everyone to "face their others" and that "everyone has something to contribute". I have said that it is very hard to figure out exactly what has been going on, but it seems like you have had one or two such idiots in FVCT who have given Mez and company scope. It seems somebody had some idea that Mez could become useful to the group if some compromise could be found.

Yeah, right.

So have fun 'reasoning' with Mez and company, Stuart. Keep logically demonstrating their 'falsehoods; trolls love that. But if you really would like to get them out of your hair, stop reacting to them.


Desmond Cole and Dave Meslin from RaBIT keep claiming that we have barred them from attending meetings and have revoked their membership. When I respond to their allegations with specific facts, they report me to Twitter for violating the terms of use on the grounds that I have allegedly uttered threats. They are basically spreading falsehoods via social media by reporting people for violating the Terms of Use of Twitter when they are called on their demonstrable lies.

> Any thoughts on how to handle this situation? Is there a way of reporting people for making false reports in order to silence others? I⤁m not familiar with the practices on Twitter.