the sexual defamation weapon

It is about time I sat down and got to work on a commentary on the Michael Laxer article from two weeks ago now in Rabble. As you can see, a few other people had also commented on it by time I got around to downloading it.

There have already been adequate commentaries on it, but it needs to go into Laxer's file at cause pimps. It needs some further commentary from the perspective of antisociopathy. What Laxer is doing lays out cover for one of the most effective methods the creeps have for attacking individuals and breaking up groups.

This is the the "rapist, misogynist, sexist" girl bully thing. Mentally disturbed women with an aggressive hatred of men are good assets for social police networks because they are such effective weapons. Some of these "rape crisis centers" may do good work, but many are recruiting and training grounds for "girl bullies".

Much is said about violence against women, much of it justified. Less is said about the use of violence against men by women and people encouraging it for various ends. There should never be a distinction made between physical and verbal/emotional violence; both have similar effects. But sociopathic females can use verbal violence more effectively because they can say and do a lot of things to men that men would have much more scope to defend and retaliate about if done by another man.

The "honey trap" remains an effective tactic of secret police, even though "that man is a rapist" has become something of a joke among left political groups. Therefore, bullshitters like Laxer are always working to make sure it stays effective. There can be no such thing as "innocent until proven guilty". Among radical left groups, the concept that you do not go around accusing people of criminal things, you go to the police, is a hard one. Police may not be exactly impartial.

No exceptions, hey? No exceptions should be made for those who lay false charges just because they are females accusing rape, assault, etc.

The commenters on the article adequately demolish the case against Assange. It would be thrown right out of any unbiased court. But they do not go far enough into Laxer's motive in writing this crap. So I have. To put it very simply, Laxer is an "asset" for somebody.

Now, it will be very cute if rabble tries to claim copy right over this when I put it up on my web site. The article is still up there as of February 27. Rabble itself is becoming a problematic publication. Along with this "media collective" it is becoming a front for somebody and their "assets". I wonder who this somebody really is?