trollbuster philosophizing

February 14, 2013

Now, it is time to say something for the trollbuster list. The troll types have figured out that I cannot be intimidated by crude hysteria tactics. Now the effort to discredit me is on.

You know the old saying, find the organ grinder, not the monkey? When looking into one of these instances of a "hostile takeover" of an organization by the thought police, it is always impossible to get to the organ grinder. He has several layers of monkeys surrounding her though the methods are always very similar.

I have seen this type of thing that has been going on with the Fair Vote Toronto chapter, over and over again. Somebody comes into the organization and starts doing "make crazy". When people do the sane and necessary thing of trying to get the make-crazy out of their lives, somebody starts running a cover for the make-crazy.

Usually this person will try to pose as a "mediator" of the problem, to frame the problem as a "personality conflict" that can be somehow "resolved". Mediation is nonsense because what is going on is a psychological warfare attack on the organization by people who do not want it to do what it is doing. The person providing the cover to the stressor is part of the attack. The "stress and cover" attack pattern comes up over and over.

In the Toronto chapter, Meslin is the chief stress provider, and June MacDonald seems to have been the chief cover. FVT has now been thoroughly broken and is being used now to break FVC nationally. They, or rather the people running them, have just about accomplished that as well.

In this Toronto chapter you now have three "stress" types, two "covers", MacDonald and now Joyce Hall, and you have one person who thinks he is opposing them, but is doing nothing effective. He keeps asking Meslin to resign, and thinks making "conflict of Interest" policies will magically ward off the Mez bug.

I am glad I never sought reelection to that group, and stepped into this cesspool. The only way I want to engage with these scum is if I have some people with me who I know are in the reality zone, know what the game is, and have my back.

So, Gary, I asked you about these measures under way that would solve this problem. You listed the conflict of interest policy and some resolution of the executive from back last August. Without some means of enforcement, no policy about the conduct of FVC members will be worth anything. Meslin and crew can and will simply ignore it. As for this august resolution; it is now next february and it has not yet driven the evil spirits away , has it?

Gary, awhile ago I asked you what this mediator had to say to you. You said something about how some of you decided it was not worth repeating. If it was the opinion of a trained mediator who was hired with FVC money, and spent an hour with the FVC board, then it is very definitely worth repeating. Especially so, when it is so worth it to the bullshitters to cover it up.

But now, the covers are dropping the pretense of being good fairies trying to "resolve the conflict" and starting to go at me with more sophisticated threat tactics. I see this pattern over and over as well. They find something that is said, or just make it up, that they can interpret as a threat, and start talking about calling the police.

I think the police are a bit more"reformed" in recent years, so this tactic is not as useful to trolls as it once was. But there is still some danger of someone who is getting in the way of the trolls and can not be intimidated in other ways, getting themselves railroaded, especially if a bribable cop can be found, or if the target is one some political list of the police.

I have had this run on me twice, but the second time it did not work out well for the crooked cop involved, so I am not overly worried about it. Rather, someone who makes maliciously motivated statements to police about me should be aware of the "public mischief" and "obstruct justice" areas of the criminal code, as well as the tort of "defamation" in the civil corpus. I think a more serious hazard these scum pose to honest people is if they were to mark them out to the anarchist thug groups as a "racist" or "misogynist" or "enemy of the people".

As for them killing themselves, there is an endless supply of people like the three stooges on the FVT board, available to the troll masters. They are totally incompetent without a troll master to guide them, to give them some validation, to enable them to hold together as functioning people. By themselves they would be unable to subsist at better than complete destitution and would probably, in the end, go away somewhere and kill themselves.

Somebody lately wrote something to the official FVC list asking why he has to hear about internal squabbles of the FVC board, which should be sorting its problems out by itself. He is also on his list. So, all that follows is why the actual membership of FVC need to be involved.

If there is ever to be voting reform in Canada, it is going to require some sort of organization capable of driving it forward within the political environment of Canada. The reality of that environment is that we are not living in a real democracy. We have at best a partial and conditional democracy, where there is very limited rule of law and access to justice.

Further, we live in a partial police state. We do not have people disappearing in the night, but we do have organized covert efforts to shut down anything the elite powers do not want. The "left" is not on the side of "the people"; it is part of the elite and part of the "Police State Lite".

Given that, there is just no place in FVC for "good fairies". Whoever does not have the mental muscle to recognize and reject trolls and trolling, is not competent to be in any official position in an organization like Fair Vote.

The problem in FVC has been framed as people acting in a conflict of interest; working with two groups simultaneously which have diametrically opposed purposes. But the worst kind of conflict of interest is people involved in an organization who are trying to act out some sort of psychological drama in which a personal ideology is supposed to triumph. It is not just themselves doing the "crazy" marker; the same thing over and over expecting something else; everybody else has to go along for the crazy ride as well.

It is hard to figure out just what these people's malfunction is because they usually have the attitude that they do not need to explain anything to anybody. They tend to think they are smarter than everybody. However, they tend to become very upset when they can't make things happen as they want, and they start to come under pressure from other people within the same organization who would like to get back to reality land and get on with what they were originally trying to do.

In June MacDonald's case, she is in a situation she cannot deal with and will not admit that she cannot, and will not hear any advice. She manifestly believes that the Toronto Chapter is her personal project and she wants to resolve things her way. Her way seems to come from some sort of rationalist and pacifist ideas that "conflict" is intolerable, that preventing conflict is an end in itself, that any kind of compromise has to be made in order to keep everybody happy.

I have seen this type of mentality in action before and, holy shitpiles, there is nothing that creates more trouble and conflict. Everybody has to play her game of engineering a false consensus or they are just frozen out. This includes anyone trying to live inside reality. Sociopathic trolls and opportunists love these kinds of codependent inverted narcissists, though. They know just how to pretend to be compromising, while constantly shifting the ground for a "compromise" in order to wipe out opposition to their goals. Or rather, use the codependent as a tool to wipe them out.

So what you have is the worst kind of conflict of interest. Good people who have worked for the organization in good faith, contributed their time and money to it, because they believe in its goals, are humiliated and degraded, their efforts wasted. All the good faith and the resources the organization has built up to serve the purpose for which it was formed, are coopted not just to the goals of the trolls, but to allow flakes to act out their ideological and psychological dramas in public.

So I return again to my main theme, that the trolls themselves are not the problem. Losers like Meslin would be a complete joke without the likes of June MacDonald and Joyce Hall to give them a clear field. That is at the level of the Toronto chapter. I do not know what exactly the malfunction is at the national council level.

However, I do know that the solution to the problem is not to keep talking and talking, and writing brilliant denunciations of Meslin, such as our friend Sparker has filled up our inboxes with. He has been of some use in bringing out information, but in a way he is also an enabler.

I have seen this before too; somebody who keeps obsessively responding to the troll, seemingly believing that at some point the troll will see the error of his ways. As I have said before and will keep saying, the basic rule with trolls is that if you cannot or will not simply refuse to respond to them, and get rid of them, then they have won. They do not care what asses they make of themselves. They can debate until hell freezes over. They can put on a great show of how hurt they are by the response to them but inside they are laughing.

They are not trying to win people over. Their game is to keep everybody focussed on them. They just love people to expose their bad behavior; over and over again. They want to wear people down and to stop people from doing what the troll and his handlers do not want them to do, until everyone just goes away in frustration.

So Sparker, while advising everybody else about what traps to not fall into while debating the Mez bugs, you fall into the biggest trap of all, which is to engage them at all.

Enough said, for now.