January 31st about FVC

It is time I added something to the trollbuster list. I have had three comments directed to me about what I said last week about June MacDonald. It was very predictable. Nobody has said anything yet about my "fable". I also have something to say about the reconstruction of FVC.


I invited one of the good fairies to repost his crap so that the whole list could see it. He has not.

He thinks I am a "very abusive person and come across as a real bully." This is very much turning reality upside down. People who are essentially phony will find the truth to be abusive. And that is what enablers of bullies do, they call those who call out the sociopaths and their codependants as the bully.

The next in order of contemptibility was the one who actually put his crap on the list. He thinks subscribing people without their approval is "the height of rudeness". If this is the height of rudeness for him, he must have lead a very sheltered life up to this point. But I think that is a lot of the problem with most of these good fairies.

I created this list because it needed to be done. That includes harvesting every address I can from the official fair vote list. If you don't like it, unsub yourself. However, I will resub you promptly unless it becomes clear to me that you are a total waste of time. I have things to say to the people on this list.

By the way, there are now 69 of you. That number will shrink, at least initially. I will be taking steps to promote it. It might need a change of name.

As for the third good fairy I could discuss; somebody things I should be a "healer" and that he is "not the enemy". Enemy of what exactly I do not know. He also thinks that June's statement is "fair and sensible" and if so then that cognitive impediment is what really needs to be healed.

situation now

It was extremely unfair and senseless to have brought Meslin into FVC in the first place. Then, to have failed to remove him as soon as it was clear what he was all about. The attempt to cover up that there was a problem in the Toronto Chapter was senseless in the extreme. This referendum is senseless.

They brought in a professional mediator and the mediator quit after one session? What a hoot! I wonder just what the mediator told June and the other saps. If the mediator was a competent one, they would have gotten about the same advice I give them. Or if they were really experienced mediators, they would have known they were wasting their time; enablers/codependants are stunningly incapable of processing good advice about the cause and solution to their predicament.

As for the referendum, do you notice that the Rabbits have gone quiet lately? I believe they will until a little while after the 'randum, and then they will start in again like nothing had happened.

I think I can guess that their line will be, minus all the b.s. about how they were victims of a hysteria against them and their feelings have been hurt, etc. No, we have been just misunderstanding their 'position". All they want is a "debate" about the form of voting system suitable for Toronto and for FVC to treat AV as a legitimate option.

To repeat again; the basic rule about trolls is that if you are incapable of getting rid of them, they have won.

good organization

Now, I want to say something about the very interesting meeting I attended a few nights ago; science for peace hosted Duff Conacher from Democracy watch. The system is the scandal. Yes. I am going to start following this group more closely.

That does not mean I am giving up on FVC just yet. Democracy watch cannot do everything all by itself. We need voting reform, even though that is not going to solve all the systemic scandals by itself. I want to see what happens in FVC after the Mez bunny fiasco.

The democracy watch people get right to the heart of an issue. The topic was; what constitutes a real, working democracy. Conacher's message was that structures and laws do not mean a thing if the people in involved are of bad character.

He especially focused on the need to require politicians to tell the truth. Right now Harper has given his cabinet ministers official sanction to lie. People in public office must be removed immediately if they are caught out lying.

Conacher was refreshing to hear and had useful advice. I asked him how Democracy Watch had been in existence all this time and forced so many concessions from power, been so effective, but have not been taken down by the usual means. His reply; they have not developed a bloated hierarchy of people with interests in variance with the goals of the group.

The Democracy Watch board of directors is only three people. I have not found out yet just how you get to be a director of DW but I suspect it is a self selected group. Those who find this an anomaly, a group advocating more democracy that does not operate internally by democratic means, misunderstand what democracy is about.

DW, like FVC, is an advocacy organization, not a government. In this aspect of a democracy, people vote with their wallets and volunteer time. They support people who get the job done that they want to get done.

FVC needs to figure this out. People do not become involved with it because they want to engage in interminable debates over voting systems, or in internal power fights and attempts to deal with cognitive infiltrators and their enablers. They want energy focused on the goal.


Toward that I have three suggestions for getting FVC going. I think people who are serious about the aims of FVC will agree with them. If FVC cannot be reformed from within on these lines, then it needs to disappear up its ass and people who are serious about governmental reform to pull away and start something new, and learn from the past.

1) FVC needs to become clear about exactly what it is advocating and must become much more aggressive about promoting it. We need to spell out not just the kind of reform we want but the process, ie citizen's assembly and referendum, to achieve it.

2) The present puffed up board structure is out of proportion to the resources and activities of this group. General election of board members does not work because the members do not know who they are voting for and cannot know what really goes on within the board.

The board of each chapter should choose a delegate to a national council meeting several times a year. I do not understand why this could not be done by video conferencing. The national council chooses an executive of no more than three or four who meet more often and carry out the work of the organization on a day to day basis.

3) FVC needs to get itself an office. The office needs to be in Ottawa. I would like to know what is going on when we have as our national office in some walk up flat in a skid row apartment building, and nobody ever seems to be there. When I tried to go there last summer I had to step over alcoholics and I could not even find the mail box.