Well, it is already time to crank out something for the trollbusters. I expected the trolls and the enablers to shut up until the referen-dumb is done. But while the trolls have gone silent, the enabler types, people who say they support PR while working against it, have taken up the attack.

First we have this Joe Murray. If he is really a PHD, then I am a Nobel laureate. His approach is strictly con artist method. "No, please don't misunderstand me. I am on your side. I am not trying to sell you a gold brick. I don't want you to get stuck with a tungsten brick coated in gold. I am on your side. You are just not understanding me right. I am just trying to help you to understand your options about what gold brick to buy."

The indefatigable Stuart Parker has delivered a perfect, but also futile, debunk of Murray's latest riff. Others have piled on. I will not bother with responding further to Murray's rubbish. I just ask, again, why is he on the official FVC list?

He is not on the trollbuster list, as soon as I finish sending this off.

But more disturbing is the crap from June MacDonald. She wrote; " This something both Option A and Option B can get behind. Send letters to Globe regarding Liberal promises to change FPTP into AV (Alternative Vote)".

What a stupid thing to say!

Why would anyone want to get behind anything along with the option B people? It is like the idea is to show Liberals that Fair Vote people have no objection to the RaBIT people, therefore no real objection to AV.

I am not exactly sure what June MacDonald's malfunction is. I have known her for some time, ever since I have been involved with FVC, which is about as long as it has existed. She has always been about secrecy; making sure nobody finds out what is going on internally, which made it difficult for me to be involved with FVC.

In the recent years in which Meslin has been around, she has gotten even worse about it. However, I know that she has much of the responsibility for blocking any attempt to get rid of Meslin. The motive for this is the good old "peace at any price" mentality that wrecks so many organizations. Conflict is abhorrent and must be avoided at all costs. Outsiders cannot see us fighting. Everything must be done to avoid any appearance of conflict, even if we have to give up every principle we started out with.


So she has been enabling the trolls on the Toronto chapter and now on the national council. She is poison in any group that deals with controversial matters or disposes of resources which can be hijacked. She needs to go away.

One thing I should say, though, is that she is not responsible for getting Mez on the Toronto chapter board in the first place. That was Linda Sheppard's doing. She had this undemocratic idea that we needed "better" board members, so she scratched up a slate of people known to be "outstanding" and "committed" activists.

I was on the board but was discouraged from running again. I ran to defend my right to run for the board regardless of what Linda said, but deliberately sabotaged myself in the vote to make sure I did not get onto it again and I am glad I did. What we got on the board were some people who wanted to add FVC to their resumes but were not interested in doing much. They soon stopped attending meetings.

And we got Meslin. I already knew a lot about Mez at that point, but I was sure Linda was not interested in being warned.

The moral of the story is that the protection against the Mez bug is openness, clarity of purpose, and the freedom to challenge phonies. How about we start getting these into FVC?

Enough said.