trollbuster business

Jan 20, 2012.

Well, I better get around to responding to the various reactions to my last post on the trollbuster list.

First off, I am not interested in starting "My own organization". That is an oxymoron, isn't it? An organization of one. What I am trying to start here is a grass roots uprising of the membership against what is going on.

I have had a snarking response from one member of he executive council. First she says she agrees entirely with my message and my views are entirely understandable. So what is the snarky reply to it all about? I am calling her reckless, incompetent, and out of touch with reality. No,she is calling herself that. She assumes I am talking about her specifically. It is like she has a guilty conscience about something

My biggest point is that the national council has been a black hole. Now the shit pile is starting to burst out through the seams. Insiders have been trying to cover it up instead of exposing it; part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Yes, I do think the whole damned national council should be replaced for that reason. If something is not done about the conditions which allowed this AV thing to occur, I will be looking for ways get something done. If FVC cannot be fixed, then the best people need to just walk out and start over again.

starting over

Starting over is always a lot easier than staying in a dysfunctional situation. Usually it is just not worth the effort to try to remedy the dysfunction. But the problem is that people get emotionally invested in the dysfunctionality, and they can't think straight. They become a kind of codependent.

I really do not have the time and energy to butt heads with dysfunctional people. I am not on a disability pension because I have a hang nail. I want to make the most effective use of my limited energies, therefore I look for people who are energy multipliers rather than energy drainers.

From my experience of various social action groups, I have learned that breaking off from energy draining dysfunction and starting over again, and accepting that things usually have to be restarted several times before people get it right, is an extremely hard concept for people to get. Yet as with writing, designing, drawing, planning, among community groups the capacity to scrap and start afresh is vital.

fix the problem

Now, to fix this problem, everybody needs to start getting the truth. If you want to do something useful, blow open this black box for us all. How exactly did this referendum nonsense come about? What is the story? Who is pushing AV on the national council? Who are the active enablers, blocking their removal? What rationales are they using? Who are the passive enablers who have not been getting the truth out to the membership?

Now, I should mention a couple of other comments I have from people about what I am up to. I understand that the justification for holding the referendum is that it will consolidate the non AV faction within FVC. I think it is more likely to consolidate the pro AV faction. They definitely will not accept the result and they will keep right on pushing.

going forward

If you let the trolls establish themselves under your house, sooner or later they will get into the house. Then it is a matter of time before they drive you out of your house.

Somebody also called the FVCs "executive director" a "Bugs Bunny", and the council should find a replacement. I don't get it; does he eat carrots or something? The problem about him is that he is the only paid employee of FVC and he is in the middle of a power play. He likely worries about finding another job. In short, he is in an awkward position. I do not like being censored on the official e-mail list, but I am less inclined to "analyze" him harshly.

But now I have voting directions in my in box. Problem is; I have not paid up my membership. I am glad I did not. Instead I gave a similar amount of money to the "Robocalls" legal challenge; a cause I recommend to all Fair Vote people.

Now, I am wondering whether to try to encourage people to boycott the vote. Just the fact of having this makes FVC look ridiculous. But it probably will not make any difference.

I think it will really twig to people how foolish it is after it takes place and the Mez Bunnies keep right on hopping. That is when the battle to fix Fair Vote will really start.

what actions to take?

Toward that, I will conclude with my ideas about "action that prevents FVC from ever being in this situation again". There needs to be some reforms to the by-laws. It needs to be made clear that FVC is about proportionality and nothing but, at all levels of government. The words "best practices of the world's most advanced democracies" needs to get into the "mission statement".

There must be a reform of the way the national council is elected. The weakness, notwithstanding the indignations of somebody who claims to have to ask for gas money to drive to meetings, is that it is made up of the kind of people who can afford to travel.

But this is a problem of having a national organization in the second biggest country on earth. There are some solutions, but most of them involve having some money to ship some butts around the country at least once a year. It is also simplified by the increasing effectiveness of teleconferencing.

FVC needs to get more aggressive and flexible about fundraising. Reality is that you can't do it all with membership dues. Or at least, you get only very slow growth of the organization.

But the problem in FVC is not so much a structural problem as it is a cultural problem. I have already written a bit about that and I will do some more in the future. But thats it for now.