New Year's Revolutions

I should put up some random thoughts about the new year. I think I am getting my health problems under control again. It is a matter of finding some drug or combination of drugs that allows me to sit up at the computer for some time without discomfort, and which does not aggravate other problems. Especially, that does not slow me down mentally. I don't need that.

But I think a lot of my problem is I am not used to having plenty to do that is really worth doing. For much of my life it has ben about finding myself something to do to keep my brain active. I need to learn to be more organized. That is my New Years resolution. Lets see how well I do; how my productivity increases.

Part of my motive for this is that I went into a big slump over Christmas. I do not know why; I was hoping to get a lot done and I ended up doing little. I had trouble getting started at anything. But this seems to be lifting.

I guess it is some sort of depression along with worries about my health. I don't think the change of seasons brought it on, or the Christmas blahs I sometimes get. This was worse. I don't think vibes from the end of the world had anything to do with it. I think it might in part have to do with my reduced social network over the last couple of years. A lot of the people I knew have moved out of Toronto to the suburbs.

the calamity industry

So, the world did not end and it is now 2013. So, I sat around waiting to see if the world ended on the 21st because the Mayan calendar says. Not seriously. I downloaded Apocalypto and watched it. It seemed just the thing for evoking things Mayan and Apocalyptic.

Actually, the Mayans did not say so. The present day Mayan holy men were running around hollering "No! That is not what the long count calendar says" but it does not stop the people who were making money off it, if only by being a source of amusement.

It is something like the "climate change" thing, but the latter is much more serious. Actual climatologists and meteorologists are running around shouting, "No, that is not how climate works" but the people who profit from all the nonsense just roll right along.

As for climate change, you might notice that the weather has been a bit cooler for the last five years. The last really hot summer we had in Toronto was 2006. This winter is turning out to be fairly cold.

at the movies

It has been a good season for movies. Two old friends were in the theaters over the holidays. One was The Hobbit. I am an old Tolkein fan. I read all those books when I was a kid and watched the Ring trilogy when it came out. So I am glad the same crew that did that are back for The Hobbit.

The other is Le Miserables. That is another book I read when I was young. I love the musical version of it and some of the songs from it. When the stage production was still being performed in Toronto I went to see it. I was a little disappointed; the production seems to have gotten a little cheap near the end of the run.

I am one of the Miserable. I am someone whose life has been thoroughly messed up by the unjust attitudes of others. However, I am not going to throw up the barricade alongside people who have a death wish. However, if there is a band of stout companions to go with, I might go on a quest to slay some Orcs and Dragons and maybe bring back some treasure.

where I live

There are some Orcs that need slaying around where I live. We had a fire alarm late last night. This is the first time in, I think, two or three years. Toronto Housing lied to us when they said they had caught the perpetrator and the problem was over. He seems to have been just waiting for them to remove the night security.

The modus operandi is still the same; he, or maybe she, throws lit rags down the garbage shute from the fourth floor, always at about 3 a.m. That could get the trash bins going and take down the whole building. The last time this was going on they put in a sprinkler system. That is probably why this place is still here.

I know what this is about. There are certain leftish councilors who are convinced that the Housing authority is obligated to house everybody, even if that person is a lunatic endangering the life of everybody around them. It seems like almost every TCHC building, at least the ones in wards held by such councilors, has at least one such character in residence.

I am sure they know who it is. The perp is not brilliant; does the same thing over and over and should be very easy to catch.

There has been a lot of discussion about it down in the lobby. The building staff are suddenly very defensive. I tell people about my experiences at the old building I was at.

There, somebody lit a mattress on fire and destroyed his suite, and could have taken the whole building down. He was one of these people who is a pet of the local councillor, or rather some social work types who have an in with the councillor.

So six months later he was still in the building, right around Christmas. This time he had a prostitute in his suite. She tried to take over the suite for her drug dealer friends. He killed her, rolled her up in a mattress, doused the mattress with flammable liquid, and lit it off. He just about took the building down, left dozens of people homeless, and caused millions in damage and fire fighting costs.

At least, it was assumed that the killed her first before lighting her off. Eek!

So, isn't that a great way to start off the New Year? A bit apoplectic but not apocalyptic.

New Year's Levees

One way to spend New Year's day if you have no place better to go is to the New Year's levees at Queen's Park and city hall. I haven't been up to Queen's Park for some time. the security is a lot less paranoid than the last time but maybe they are making concessions for New Years. I still had to send my belt pouch through the x-ray machine.

Okay, so here is the Lieutenant Governor. I sez; "What I want for Christmas, er New Years, is a proportional representation voting system for the province and for Toronto".

"A lot of people want that" he says.

" Oh, is anybody keeping track of how many are asking here? Is this like an informal poll of some kind?"

He chuckles and waves me off. So, there was the L.G.

Down the boulevard to city hall. Get into another line up.

new ideas

I ran into Dan King here. I asked him what he was doing, and what happened to Province of Toronto. He said it was going on, although he has decided to be involved in a disability rights group for awhile.

He also started talking about a campaign to turn northern Ontario into a separate province. I said that did not make sense. He said it did, because it costs more to live in the north, more expensive government services are required, and the northern communities have a lot of trouble getting what they need from the Province. If it became a territory like Nunavut and Denendah, it would be the federal government's responsibility, and they would be better off.

Thought about that way, yes the idea does make sense. A big problem with the country is political boundaries which were set over a century ago and no longer reflect the social, economic, cultural, and other realities on the ground. This reminds me of the derision which greeted the recent proposal that the three maritime provinces should be amalgamated.

on the offensive

So I got to do the run past the city politicians. There is no way to really say anything to them, it is a kind of "show the flag" thing. Rob Ford looks fairly rested and relaxed after his long vacation. When I ran my standard complaint about FMTA past him, this time he asked me to arrange a meeting with him. Okay, that will take place in the New Year if I can get past his staff.

The other politicians who are supporters of FMTA seemed a little more scared of me and a little less belligerent this year. I have some trouble with facial recognition, and I was in a hurry back last spring, but now that I get a close look at Shelley Carol I think she is the person I encountered as I went in to attend a meeting of the whatayacallit committee that doles out the graft to FMTA. The one who got the city hall security goofs harassing me. That will eventually be part of a legal case, so I do not want to say too much about that.

So, I expect in the new year to make more progress than in past years in getting rid of FMTA and getting justice done for that and other matters. If you follow my web sites you know what I am talking about here. That is, if I can get myself organized and in a productive mode, if my health does not bushwhack me again.

Much to do, little time, energy and means with which to do it. Now, I have to start a response to the crap going across the Fair Vote e-mail discussion list. Read about that mess here soon. tr