November 17; about an old lost freind, TCHC, rotten police and courts

Time to say something about housing. I was at the "town hall" meetings put on by the new TCHC manager, Gene Jones. That was an interesting show. More about it in a moment.

But the other day I was walking up the road on my way to a medical appointment when I ran across R, from my old housing at 291 George street. I had not seen him in several years. He is still living there, and says it is as bad as ever.

I am quite concerned that he has never been able to get out of there. It happens to people who get labelled as trouble makers, but I am not sure exactly why he has been so labelled. And libelled. But when I was there it was obvious that some one was, and finking him to the police, who seemed convinced that he was dealing drugs.

He was living there even before I was. I was there from 1995 to 2004. A few years after I moved in he had the police break into his apartment and destroy his computer and some other property looking for drugs. He got some money out of them for that.

Then a few years later he got framed by the cops. This was really nasty; an undercover policewoman posed as a drug addict and tried to get him to sell her some drugs. Then she tried to put a package of something into his pocket. Then he was tackled by plainclothes cops.

They had him in jail overnight trying to get him to tell him where the drugs were. They also did something that really got the litigation going; they phoned his employer to tell them he was under arrest for drug dealing. He was working for the Department of Defense in some sort of warehouse and had a security clearance card. The cops refused to believe he really was employed there and insisted he had stolen the card.

R got out of jail and got himself a lawyer, fortunately a reasonably good one. The police refused to drop the charge, as they always do, no matter how stupid they made themselves look in court. The police woman made some sort of excuse on the stand about how she had only been in the police force for three weeks.

R won in criminal court, but the DND would not give him his job back. He has been suing them ever since, and has to do it himself despite his difficulty understanding the subtleties of the English language or western culture. I helped him by typing up some of his affidavits and correcting this English.

He is originally from a certain North African country where the people are extremely tall and black, and so is he. He is one of the few people I have met who tower over me. I do not know if it is his appearance which makes him such a target of attack.

When I had my own troubles and left George street for a better environment, I stayed in touch with him for awhile. He got some people from a leftie group helping him, who were interested in teaching people to sue the police. This is a worthy endeavor, but they were not people worthy of this endeavor; the usual kind of mother's basement Marxists. They were helping him because he was an immigrant and probably because they wanted to recruit him into their own projects.

When they discovered I was a friend of his and would also like some advice about my own difficulties with the police, they made clear that they were part of the same network that had me on their shit list. R was a little disturbed, but he felt he had to stop talking to me. I dropped contact with him so as not to jeopardize any help he might get from these pukes.

As I talked to him lately he has evidently disassociated from these people. He says he tried to contact me but my e-mail had changed. This means, tried within the last two years. So I updated him with my contact info. He has not contacted me yet, but I no longer have much to offer him.

To finish up about his troubles, he spent years suing the police and the DND. They offered him a settlement for an amount which I frankly would have accepted. He did not feel that was sufficient. Now they are trying to wear him out with nonsense motions; apparently they are trying to prove that they really did not fire him because he had been arrested but because he did not show up for work. It is pretty lame.

But I have been going through much the same thing in all my legal travails. The cop lawyers have no argument, they just keep trying to knock it out through procedural manipulations and corrupt judges. The cops arrested me without any evidence, on the word of a Toronto Housing employee who was a known drug addict and supposed to have been barred form ever coming into the building again.

According to R, this jerkoff has never been seen back in the building since then. That is another benefit I had for the residents there, and for which I suffered a pile of persecution about. He was facilitating the drug dealers; creating blank electronic door keys for them, erasing CCTV tapes of crimes, as well as consuming their wares.

He was a petty tyrant in the building, needing a bribe to do any work, shaking down people who were in the country illegally and living with "friends", and trying to force himself on lone females in the building. The latter was something the Moslems in here particularly did not like.

I heard afterward that plans were in the works to make sure he never returned to the building again, before his attack on me forced the matter with the TCHC security. I think the plan was to slit his throat or something equally dramatic. These are people from countries where people who do that kind of things usually do get that kind of thing done to them.

The cops claimed I got into an argument with this guy and kicked a dent in his van. They had no picture of the dent, and no witnesses. In fact, there were people who said they saw the van the day after I was arrested without any dent, but I could not contact any of them. These people are very reluctant about talking to police.

My problem, as with my previous problem with illegal arrest, was that I absolutely could not get a lawyer to follow directions. I ended up having to negotiate for myself a kind of saw-off deal with the prosecutor which stopped me from having to go back to court indefinitely and sit around to have it adjourned again. However, this enabled them to say that the proceedings had not concluded in my favor, which made complications for me when I began trying to get damages.

I had also asked him if the I change of management in TCHC had any effect on the building. I knew it had been recently turned over to a private management company. They had also put in a concierge booth similar to what I had recommended many years ago. He said no, it was still a steady parade of all the drug dealers and behavioral disorders that the local politicians force TCHC to "house" and so they put them where there are no uppity neighbors to kick up a fuss.

I talked a bit about the "town hall" I attended with the new manager Gene Jones present. I got up to the mike and introduced myself. I asked him if he had heard the name. He did not answer. I asked Jones if there was now an end to attacks by TCHC staff against any resident who spoke up about incompetence and abuse. He said "so noted" which was an interesting response.

The staff Jumping Janie withdrew the mike from me and skittered away, but one of Gene's people waved to me. He said that he agreed with me, the "so noted" was a "legal response". I suggested that Jones and I should discuss the matter, he thought I should send something in writing. I will not do that just yet, I first have to do something to establish my complaint with the Attorney General's office about the pattern of black flagging with all the cases I have been trying to get into small claims court, where a certain judge keeps popping up over and over.

I liked some of what I heard from Gene, especially that he wanted to do away with the term "tenant" and start calling us all "residents". That is a good idea; the feudal ages are over, aren't they? He talked about the need for some more money to fix up the housing we have and to build more. That is not going to happen until there is a better model for managing the housing, dear Gene. One of these days I will blog about that. I might even invite them to publish it in their new tenant's newspaper.

R was still disturbed that I was treated so badly when I did so many good things for the building. I even forced the housing company, it was still TSH back then, to put full sized fridges into the units. Before that they were making do with bar coolers. R especially appreciated that because he blames the bar coolers for a case of food poisoning he had.

Yes, like every tenant, er, resident of TCHC who ever stood up for the other tenants I was subjected to harassment to drive me out of the place. And nobody really stood up for me.

While R and I were talking two idiots started fighting, I think over a cigarette, and crashed into the fence beside us; the usual type of goonery that goes on around Dundas and Sherbourne. We started going up Sherbourne. It started raining again. I told him we both better get to where we were originally going before we get soaked, and we should keep in touch.

I went off to see my doctor about itches and aches. I hope he sends me an e-mail so I am sure I have his address. He might be useful when I can get a case against TCHC really going. But why is he still in that wretched building after all this time?