I am back

Wow! It is two months since I blogged anything. I have been both ailing and busy for awhile. I am still having complications with some drugs I need. It is a complicated story, but I think I am on the right track now.

I am not on ODSP be cause I have a hang nail. I have life long complicated medical problems. For a couple of years I was on a pretty good fibromyalgia medication which eased a lot of the pains. However, it was expensive and not covered.

I will tell some other time of the trouble I have had getting bone heads in various bureaucracies, even the Ombudsman's office, to explain why it was not covered. Eventually someone put me on the cheap substitute for it, which was crap. The minimum dose of it gave me the "too much" feeling. Then it triggered a severe flare up of dermatitis which went away when I stopped taking it.

So after all this, I find out there is another drug that is pretty good for fibromyalgia and which is covered. I tried taking nothing for awhile but the stiffness came back. I am using it sporadically and it does not seem to be slowing me down mentally. I think I am starting to find it easier to get started on things again. Some of these drugs will make you sluggish and they are invidious; they creep up on you. It is like I have a choice of a slowed down body or a slowed down mind.

I need a speeded up mind because there are some things I want to get going on. I have some legal cases to get going with, including one back home in Alberta. There is a story there. In this society, if you refuse to be a passive victim, you better learn how to be your own lawyer. I am learning.

I am about to relaunch my web site. I have purchased some nifty software which will allow me to set up in competition with Facebook and Twitter. I will finally be able to host discussion groups which I have real control over. I mean, that I can move to another server if I need to. Also, to have some tech support.

But again, I have to get cracking at all this. While I am at it, i am doing university courses again. I am close to graduating after seventeen years as a part time university student, doing one or sometimes two courses at a time.

I talked to guidance gal about what I still needed. She thought I should take a course in the history of Scientific revolutions. I think I have already blogged a bit about how that turned out. Should post the essay I wrote that they did not like.

Now I am going "Introduction to International Relations". This might not have been a good idea; if you see my links page you know I am an avid follower of international relations. I have found that it can be awkward when you know just about as much as the instructor and have your own opinions about the topic.

But anyway, I am back. I will start posting stuff on this blog more regularly. I will also start writing articles again, now that I have a system for promoting them. I want to start becoming "influential" I think I have something to say.