Followup, about Liberals and protecting democracy

That Fair Vote discussion list is one of the more productive such lists stil around today. I do spend some tme writg to it. I need to get on with some other topics. I hope this gets some new discussion going about the serius danger right now to the survival of democracy, and need for more than just voting reform in orde to protect it. Some related posts coming up soon, about what will happen if neo-feudalism and world war three happens.

August 26th, 2012.

I should write a brief followup on the last post I did. A couple of people followed up with me and wanted to give me advice on the essay. Wow! Wish I had done this before handing it in. But the point of bringing it up was that we have people around who seem to want to move the world back to the middle ages, back to feudalism.

Also, that social revolutions happen rather quickly and we are in the middle of one. There is no time to achieve reforms in a slow and "logical" way, not that it ever happens that way anyway.

People have been talking about the Liberal party and its persistent support of AV. The Liberals have been controlled by this "old money" old guard, who are out of touch with the present age and have been driving that party into the ground. The Libs have a chance to push these kinds of people aside and bring in a new generation of leaders, who actually have something to offer.

If this latter group of people are in control of that party after their convention, the Liberals will again be something to be considered in national politics. If the old reactionary types remain in control, the Libs are going to pretty much disappear after the next election. The Justin Trudeau generation of Liberals do seem to get it about voting reform.

So either way, I do not think it is worth worrying about what the Liberal party is saying right now about PR. They will either turn to supporting it or they will soon go away. What is of some importance is putting pressure on them to cooperate to get the Harperites out of office.

In fact, a better strategy for Fair Vote would be to adopt as a first aim getting a national interest alliance of parties happening against the Harperites. Once you have got them to the point of doing that, Proportional Voting reform will come easily. It follows naturally from the aim of getting of the neofeudals out of office and keeping them out.

But as I said, PR by itself is no longer adequate to that purpose. We need to get commitments out of the Libs and Deepers about two other things that need action right now. One is a restoration of campaign finance subsidies and strict rules about private donations to candidates and parties.

The other is to ameliorate media concentration and "bias". There are a couple of new ideas around about this. Action against monopolies within the old media are becoming irrelevant; they are rapidly losing their audience anyway. A subsidy of independent media is needed, geared to the size of following which different publishers attract and conditional on them being financed only by the subsidy and by said followings.

Resistance to this will come from independent media types themselves. They are hung up about independence from government. But realistically, there is no other way they are going to have a revenue source to be able to do what we need them to do. Some way will have to be found to ring fence this new media from government interference and any return to office of right wing government.

This is an idea that needs worked out more. But for now, thats all, Fair Vote folks. tr