End of Summer

Well, it is the end of summer and time for a "state of my life" blog post. The scum bums who still follow my writings closely can be assured that I am doing very well. Everything they do to try to harm me back fires on them now.

Somebody did a distributed denial of service attack on my web sites a month ago. I have a very good, high security web provider which handles these things well. The attack came right when there was a typhoon going through Hong Kong, so they mostly stayed home and were short of hands to dal with this sort of stuff. So it took a few hours to get it under control. It was a minor inconvenience for me. It did not effect my stats in any detectable way.


My health is getting better. I have discovered I did not need some of the medications they had me on, and that solved a lot of trouble right there. But I am pretty damn sick of doctors; I would have had a much better life if my medical problems were not so badly mishandled for so long.

I still have a lot of aching, but the dermatitis has much subsided. I am getting more done. I am stronger. I go out riding my bike and I can go farther. I get up hills I could not do before.

my garden

And my garden continues to grow. Something in one of my planters was eating the plant in it. I could not see what; it must have worked at night. But I poured pots of boiling water into the planter and that seems to have killed it. And I have lots of cucumbers now. The building maintainence guy was amazed at how big I could grow them just on an apartment balcony.


Yesterday I was at the annual picnic of a certain advocacy organization which I am a member of. I attend their board meetings occasionally. Somebody overestimated the number of people who would show up and ordered too much deli food.

So we were all getting watermelons and cookies and juice and cheese and so on rammed down our throats. One think I do like is a good oink out, but I get a bit sensitive to criticism off eating too much. I am still pretty fat but I am trying to gradually lose weight.

I have a hang up about food. It comes from not having enough at certain points in my life. So, I get some snarkiness from some people, but it is hard to stop when I have started. Being stuffed is in a way uncomfortable, but it is also a satisfying feeling; I could go for a couple of days after this without eating, and not feel hungry.

The conversation was somewhat stilted. There is a lot of trouble within this group. It is for the same old reason; people do not believe they have the right to set boundaries. In this case, that they can simply give the boot to somebody who comes into the group and tries to turn it from its original intention to something just the opposite.

...if they can't stand up for themselves....

One of the members of this board came up and asked me what I thought of the meeting I attended. I felt like telling her "look, what do you think about it?" Instead, I was a bit more circumspect; I talked about having been involved in political stuff like this for decades and I see the same thing happening over and over; Every time there is a group of people who come together to do something, someone from nowhere waltzes in and starts trying to either take it over or take it down.

I told her I really did not have any solution for her. She sucked on her teeth and shivered at that, looking at me funny. But that is the truth; if these people haven't got the back bone to stand up to people like so and so, and especially if they turn on anybody who does confront them, then what solution can there be? This guy should be drop kicked right out the door.

I talked with some people for a bit, between cramming chow into my face like a wild boar, about my internet plans, about the state of the world in general, and the problems of people who think debate should be never ending. There is a need on the net for more closely monitored discussions which root out the "cognitive infiltrators" and the people who have nothing to do with their time. I have an idea for something that might meet that need, and I am going to roll it out this autumn.

tough girls

But it was often more interesting to watch the boxing club practicing near us; especially the girls. Yes, I really do like watching women do tough things. They have much greater entertainment value than male athletes, which I think is why there is so much opposition to them. Many forms of professional athletics is more about hypermasculine cults in control of the sport that about giving the audience what it wants.

Of course, bullfighting is the ultimate such cult. But lady bull fighters are alluring, so there are a few of them around. I need to watch one girl bullfight a night before going to sleep. I do not count sheep, I count bulls.

Now that I am in the twitterverse, more or less, I follow a few of them to learn where they have had good fights, and to see if I can get the video. There is a lot on youtube as well. The toreras are slowly breaking through. Ole!

But I am learning quite a bit about their personal lives; more than would really be anybody's business. The big problem with the internet. The ones in Spain should be especially worried about anti-bull fighting fanatics coming after them. The ones in Mexico should be more worried about getting kidnapped for ransom.

eating earth creatures

But one Mexican Matadora spends a lot of time on twitter, even after discovering that " Agh! The antitaurinistas know all my life!" She twitters about mundane things like how her cell phone company is ripping her off. She shared her recipe for this very creamy Mexican desert. But also Mexican types of things like her neighborhood being up in arms about some security company pointing guns at people to prevent anyone identifying them after they caused a car accident. I don't think I would want to go to Mexico.

But I caught something precious; an exchange between her and some sort of animal rights crusader. It was going to come back and copy it, and try to get the other side of the conversation, but she erased it all.

It seems they sent her videos of slaughterhouse goings on, of the same type I have seen before. If slaughterhouses in the states and probably Canada too, are this bad, imagine what they are like in Mexico. It makes you want to become a vegetarian. La Matadora agreed it was all pretty disgusting.

But then she got invited to some kind of conference. I did not have the other half of the conversation, but she was being invited to some sort of conference, presumably between bull fighters and animal rights people. "I invite all my fellow earth creatures to a conference in my stomach". In the end she terminated the discussion, saying she felt like "torturing this banana".

I would just love to debate some of these animal rights, "our fellow earth creatures" type of flakes. It is not that I do not think people should eat less meat, but for health reasons, not ideology. I am gradually eating less earth creatures, although it is hard. Humans are not really designed to eat meat every freaking day. The cavemen and Unuit did it, but they were dead by time they were forty.

So at this picnic I actually ate only one meaty thing. I went off home through the gathering dark, feeling stuffed. Back to the usual mundane things I have to get on with, and which I have trouble finding the time to get done.

time moves on

My summer course is done and I have some legal stuff to prepare. It is not just about going after the cause pimps and the backward legal system that does not work in protecting people from harassment. I have troubles from my home in Alberta now, and no way of getting back there to deal with it myself.

My father died. My sister had made herself executor of his will, which she was also a beneficiary of, which is supposed to be illegal, but somehow she is doing it. She never bothered to inform me of his death. I found out about all this two months after.

She could not get away with splitting it between her and my other sister who lives in England, and had to acknowledge I deserved a share. My position about it is that deserve all of it. That sounds like an "unreasonable" position to take, but these people have acted unreasonably over a very long time.

One of these days I will blog all about these "family matters", but not now. I have also discovered that there is a lot more to this than just settling his funeral expenses and liquidating his assets. He had very little money.

But there is an oil lease, one of those great complicators of estates and families in Alberta. There usually is no oil in the ground, but the oil companies like to keep the rights tied up, and so give the owners of anything with any potential a few hundred dollars a year. The problem is when an estate becomes "fractured" like this one is, with one single section of ground divided among four different inheritors, as this one is.

I had a phone conversation with one slick oil company "landman" who discovered that by helping to put the probate of the will through, he has not helped to move things along, but screwed up the process and himself. He can check back in a few years when all this has been sorted out.

So, there is the agenda for the next year. Autumn is near. The PNE, which I never go to anymore, is here. Buskerfest, which I always attend, is here. I love buskers, especially when they are female and do something really difficult and slightly dangerous. Like the English chick who was juggling fire batons while standing on her husbands head.

By the end of this year, I am going to start a new blog using new software, and I will be publishing researched and thought out essays, like I was doing a couple of years ago, only better. Then I want to get some interactive discussions going about them. Over the next year.