Why fight Cause Pimps instead of working for Basic Income?

Below is a reply I recently made to a pen pal in another province, who I often collaborate with about Basic Income stuff. She thinks I should focus less on the cause pimp stuff and more on CI/BI. I am "squandering my energy on local battles". She thinks my energy is needed for "the big stuff" and there are too few of us fighting for BI.

Hi C;

I do not think the success of CI/BI world wide depends on me. I do not think that it alone will solve all the problems of the world. In fact, it is becoming a secondary issue for me.

This is because I have come to the conclusion that there will be no progress, no improvement of the human condition, until the sociopathic elite is separated out from the human kind. This is a kind of thesis I have had brewing away for awhile and I am going to start publicizing soon. I will be reorganizing both the Citizen's Income web site and the Cause Pimps site.

I actually think the Cause Pimps project is more worthwhile than the CI/BI stuff because I do not think that the latter can get anywhere at present, at least not in Canada. It is against the vested interests of all the poverty pimp social agencies tied in with the NDP. These agencies also have the support of a large part of the Conservative and Liberal establishments, too, because they are an effective social police. Only the more extreme conservatives, who are however on the ascendant these days, think the social agencies are a waste of money and the poor can be suppressed effectively just by the black boot police.

I have been seeing all this for thirty years now in three provinces. Every social initiative gets taken over or taken down. Nothing is allowed which is not aligned with a political network connected with a political party. The kind of people doing the beat down and the methods they use are always the same. And always, the people who tried to do something else are naively incapable of coping with it. They cannot understand why it keeps going wrong for them.

A lot of this is a cultural thing. I have looked at social movements in other countries, and there is great variation in the ability of people in different countries to form effective social movements. People in Latin America have been very effective over the past twenty years. The French people in the past have been very good at it. The English speaking countries have a lot of trouble with it and Canadians seem to be just about hopeless.

In Canada, everyone is so terrified of appearing to be unreasonable that they nullify themselves. This makes Canada a perfect habitat for bullies, especially bullies who are working for somebody. It seems to be starting to change, just a little bit. A few people now can grasp it that it is perfectly all right to tell people who are clearly present only to disrupt and coopt to get lost.

So actually, I thinking pointing out to people that all these "progressive" people are not really on our side, is a very productive use of my time. I know it drives a very big chili pepper up their asses. I hear that some of these bastards start stuttering when they have to talk about my site. They can't get the words out. I do not get harassed much anymore when I attend poverty issues related meetings.

Some people say they are glad I am doing it, though they are still afraid to be seen talking to me. There is still this climate of fear, but people now recognize that there is a climate of fear, and that something is not right. People start to ask why they should have to put up with so much crap from these people, just so they can be involved in "doing good".

And I really, really hate these pimp types of people. I am not going to say much about it here, but I have been very harmed by them. There are a couple of particular groups in Toronto who I want to put right out of business.

I do not think I have anything to lose by going after these bastards because they will keep on going after me. In fact, most of what they have done recently against me has rebounded in my favor. They have been unable to get me thrown in jail again on spurious accusations. They have been forced to move me to a choice public housing building. Fairly soon, I think I am going to receive a substantial restitution regarding a legal matter.

Resistance is not futile. In fact, it is quite productive if you understand the enemy. So, there is no chance I am just going to give up and move to Saskatchewan, like one person did who was a target of these people.

I do not believe that things like a Guaranteed Income, or voting reform, or health care reform, will become possible in this country until people learn how to deal effectively with the pimps. So, what should I spend more of my time on?

One other thing; you will notice that an attempt at a Fascist takeover of society is going on, all over the world including Canada. It is further along in the states. I think this is a preparation for world war three, which seems set to break out in the next year or two. It is not going to be possible to advocate for much in the turmoil that will result. When the trouble has run its course and people start focussing on how to rebuild society on a more stable basis, it will be time to float ideas like a Basic income.

When there is a crisis, people are focused on trying to cope with it. When it is passed, and people have some security again, they think about how to prevent another crisis.