Fair Vote, neo-feudalism, and political correctness

I got the following response to one of my posts the other day on the Fair Vote list. Below is how I responded to it. Checking back, I notice it never went out on that list, the mother grundies got it. But it is worth a blog post about. I am going to send out a link to this and see if it is posible to get the mesage out that way.

Thank you for a useful and informative report, and for the reminder that we live in a small puddle and need to keep the bigger picture in sight at all times.


But how  about we deal with some global  reality?  1. Progress is not inevitable. 2.  The interests of the Chinese, Indians etc are being asserted more effectively than before through the operations of global capitalism, freer trade etc. and that threatens the stability of the comfy welfare states.    3. You can't always get what you want. (The Jagger hypothesis).


The point of PR is not that the majority gets what it wants by voting. The point of PR  is that,  probably,  it allows voters  in a nation state  to come to terms with reality, and to try to shape it within the  limited possibilities,  more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be the case.


That ain't heaven ­ but it's still worth fighting for.  


Wow! Here in my inbox is an even more offensive load of crap than the AV stuff. What are you, the resident thought cop for the neo-feudalists? It is not such a wild surmise, as it is now well established that they pay people to monitor internet discussions and 'Overton' them. They even have software to help with the job.

Most of what you are saying is truisms and gibberish but designed to produce emotional responses and sound like you actually know what you are talking about. It is the "race to Bangla Desh" cognitive controller line that we have to voluntarily destroy ourselves to benefit a wealthy elite and their banks.

They are not buying it in Greece, they are not Buying it in Spain or Portugal. They are even starting to wise up in Germany and the States. And even in Canada.

Any time I hear some twit talking about somebody else having to "come to terms with reality" I ask; "whose reality"? It always turns out that "reality" is what suits the twit or the people he/she is working for or is being manipulated by.

For all members of this e-mail list, a good inoculation against this brain disease is to be found at http://www.globalresearch.ca/

Also, visit Lauren at http://rt.com/programs/capital-account/

And http://www.prisonplanet.com/

Do not respond to my posts anymore D, otherwise I shall seek to have you voted off the planet, er, the list.

You know, that is one of the few types of elections where FPTP would work fine.