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Below is a shortened version of something I wrote for the FMTA fuck off and die page. See the whole thing google FMTA or paste this into your browser http://www.torontotenantsassociations.ca/fmta.html#a

I even put an announcement on twitter and I will see how much extra traffic that gets me. I hash tagged it #TOpoli, as recommended by the guy at the mayor's office.

May 11, 2012 La Guerra Continua

Interesting things have been happening in the war against Toronto Tenant Pimps. More nastiness has been flying at me. They have spun recent developments as good news for them, but it could be understood as good news for we who will not abide them.

I never expected that mayor Ford had any magic wand to make them go away. The Ford administration in fact has some serious drawbacks. First of all, it is difficult for people with an essentially left-progressive point of view to have to think pragmatically and try to work with a very reactionary government.

That is a little easier when you realize that the "left" in city council is mainly the phony left, the NDP. One thing I have learned is that there is very little populist left in Toronto, as is still found in the western provinces. What you have here is the authoritarian left; the paternalists, the social agency apparatchiks.

No wonder these people think FMTA is so great. FMTA controls the tenants and delivers their support to left councillors, or so they think. In reality, FMTA can barely get a crowd of tenants out to their meetings if they gave out free ice cream in July. They are good at recruiting mentally disturbed people to be used to threaten and harass people, and then discarded.

The Ford people I have talked to seem a little dispirited about their failure to prevent FMTA from getting funded again. I am surprised at how naive they were about how entrenched the scumbags are. But now at least they realize how hard the task will be and are more prepared to listen to people who have been fighting FMTA for awhile and can say something about it.

City government in Toronto has been getting ever more secretive, so it is hard to reconstruct exactly how this fight played out. I have not had time to follow it closely and missed some things. But apparently the FMTA's funding this year came through the bid committee, which apparently means it does not have to go to the full council.

They claim they got everything they had been getting before; about half a million a year. Actually, it seems they got $377, 000 for the year with an option to renew for two more years. As well, they have some conditions on them which are very interesting. The contract allows the city to get out of it on 30 days notice. They have been told that any "political involvement" will be cause for pulling the contract.

That would put a serious hitch into these people. They are as political as you can get. The question is, who is supervising the conditions? Is it their protectors at Shelter, Support, Housing, or people in the mayor's office? Do they have to start filing financial and performance reports again?

I got the following reply from a city staffer;

The agreement calls for quarterly payments upon invoicing and there are numerous reports and records required to be submitted including 4 progress reports for both the tenant hot line and the tenant assistance service containing performance indicators outlined by the City and a final report that describes both full year results and provides an analysis of the applications to the LTB and the strategies and programs undertaken. In addition we require a copy of the audited financial statement and any management letters issued by the auditor. I trust that this is the information that you were seeking.

Well, that is some of the information I am seeking but more would be funner. What are the performance indicators required by the city? Also, it is very hard to find out who is on the bid committee. I think I am going to have to attend one of these bid committee meetings as part of an information search.

All this explains why FMTA is laying very low right now. Their web site has not been updated for awhile. Their message board is silent. Nothing doing on their twitter and Facebook.

However, they still venture to make threatening messages to me. This has increased lately, I believe due to their desperation.

I think these conditions they have been given are a very powerful weapon to shut them down for good. I am quite sure they will not be able to pass an audit. They will have to depend on their friends on city council to shield them from this, like in the old days before Miller. Back then, they found NDP affiliated organizations to do a funny audit for them. I don't think they were real chartered accountants. After Miller, they did not even bother.